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How Sustainable Fashion Makes a Difference

Sustainable Fashion Makes a Difference

Most fashions designers out there focus more on what to tell their clients to wear, instead of focusing on exactly how green their designs are. Most of us do not know about the benefits of opting for a green wardrobe either. Well, here are major benefits of sustainable fashion every environmentally conscious individual would need to know. These benefits are the reasons why one should care about sustainable fashion and adopt it to make a difference to the world.

Sustains the Earth

One secret the fashion industry would never tell you is how much of an environmental footprint it leaves with the sheer amount of pesticides, chemicals and energy they use to produce the clothes. Even traditional cotton fabric is treated with chemicals to get the softness and comfort that you feel, making it even worse than synthetic fibers. Organic or sustainable fibers, on the other hand, largely reduce this carbon footprint, in addition to keeping your body safe from the chemicals found in synthetic fibers.

It helps the animals

Many vegans advocate against wearing anything derived from animals. Materials like leather, silk, wool, etc. are derived by stripping animals off their protective outer covering. Many animals die in the process as well. Would you feel the same way about those leather boots when you come to know that the animal was killed to make them? Opting for sustainable clothes and accessories would therefore let you flaunt your style without worrying about harming any animals in the process.

It helps the People

The fashion industry is ripe with complaints of harsh labor practices and unfair cost cuttings. Buying sustainable clothing from labels under the Fair Trade Act would ensure that the clothes you wear have been produced through safe and ethical working conditions. Clothes under the Fair Trade Act are also sweatshop free, with the people who make them earning fair wages. Hence, opting for Fair Trade clothing would ensure that you do your bit to save the earth and its inhabitants.

Personalize your wardrobe

Unlike the general notion that sustainable clothes are not stylish and look the same no matter how you wear them, there are some interesting designs and patterns that can make your wardrobe look more personal. Choosing to skip the mall in favor of local tailors and fashion designers would also enable you to develop your own personal style rather than stick to common trends. Better yet, you can reduce the carbon footprint caused by shipping brands from across the country.

Lasts longer

The great thing about sustainable clothing is that it lasts longer than traditional synthetic fibers. There are high chances of finding some durable, timeless pieces of sustainable clothing that would make you stand out in a crowd. Durable clothing means you would not need to shop often to replace old or damaged clothes. This in turn, would reduce your consumerism, which would ultimately save you plenty of energy and money in the process.

Easy to maintain

Sustainable clothes are easier and cheaper to maintain when compared to synthetic fibers that need special treatments like hot water and special detergents. Clothing made of sustainable fibers can be easily washed in cold water and line dried instead of using a drier. Not only would this save time and energy, it would reduce the costs related to dry cleaning your clothes. While you are at it, you could possible opt for a biodegradable detergent to wash these clothes with in order to avoid polluting the earth with the harmful chemicals found in standard detergents.


Going green is something everyone seems to be interested in doing these days. However, when it comes to clothes, not many are ready to compromise on their favorite labels and brands. Choosing sustainable clothing has manifold benefits for the environment as well as the people involved in the process.

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