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Apps that help you keep up with the style mantra


All of us love to look good but to achieve that look is a daunting task. Not everybody has that amazing fashion sense and the talent to carry him or her in the best possible way. Moreover, nobody in this busy world has that much time to go to professional stylists to seek fashion advice. Well there is no cause to worry, as today you can heighten your fashion sense with the help of fashion apps. Following are some of the best fashion apps that can help you look stylish and smart every day.


Messaging apps are all the rage, and Whisp is a messaging app that is solely dedicated to fashion. The beautiful interface of the app is just like a fashion magazine but unlike the page flipping that you have to do while reading a magazine, Whisp allows you to drag and drop fashion products in the messaging box and take the opinion of your friends. Whisp also works on Facebook, so your friends need not download Whisp, as they can connect with you via Facebook itself.


It is always better to dress up according to the weather rather than feeling uncomfortable owing to the bad clothing choice. Pose is a fashion app that enables you to dress up in a way that suits the weather conditions. You just need to tell Pose your requirements, as in you need a dress up for your office, a party, a day out, or for the gym. It generates local weather forecast and presents you with a collection of photos that suit the weather plus your requirement.


Polyvore is an ideal app for those fashion enthusiasts who like to visualize fashion on them rather than straightaway going to a shop and picking products. The app brings you the best styling ideas from the top stores of your choice. A global community of fashionistas creates hot and happening looks on the app, which you can browse and choose the one that suits your style. You can shop the latest trends through Polyvore, create your own mixes and share them with all on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and more.


Do you find it difficult to decide as to which nail paint color to go for when you get a manicure done. If the answer is yes, then the OPI app is definitely one for you. Adjust the skin tone and the nail length of the virtual hand to match yours, try all the colors and choose the one you liked the most. You can also save other shades that you liked, so that you need not do the brainstorming the next time you go to the beauty parlor for a manicure.


Threadflip allows you to sell your pre-loved clothes to other women. The site is a massive designer consignment store online. Buyers can find high fashion trends on Threadflip that are good in quality as well.



The ones who have more time than money to spend on fashion are the ones who can benefit a lot from Covet. The app asks you to vote for a few sets of styles the first time you sign up. You earn tickets through voting, and you earn cash when you enter contests. Later, you use the in-app cash to buy clothes, shoes, bags, and other fashion products. Once you are done making your closet, you can start making stylish looks for numerous contests on the app.

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