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Touch up your hair with metal accessories for a fabulous look

Touch up your hair with metal accessories

All women and we girls like to look stunning. All of us thrive to look our best and we love to experiment with our looks, from clothing, to make-up and hairstyles. We can try numerous hairstyles to look good and different every other day. Moreover, we can add embellishments to our hairstyles that amplify the good looks a particular hairstyle gives us. Choose your signature hairdo and put on these following metal hair accessories, which would make your hairdo look even better.

Flower Pearl Hair Crown

It is a perfect hair accessory to give your messy top knot an elegant and a feminine touch. Moreover, the flower pearl hair crown gives you a feeling of grandeur, like a princess. A beautiful combination of pearls and petals held together with a delicate chain, and a gold-tone finish. The flower design looks adorable with faux pearls embedded on it. It goes with any outfit you wear, and the elasticized design enables it to fit anybody.

Embroidered Silk Feather Flex Clip

This metal accessory is a statement piece and goes well with just about any hairdo of yours. With a mere glance at it, you can acknowledge the amount of effort] put in by the designers to make this astounding hair accessory. The flex clip is meticulously crafted to look like a feather with sewn silk edges and crystals running in length at the center. What is shocking about this metal hair accessory is that it is hand-made. The approximate size of this clip is 5″ x 3″, and is available in silver, hematite, and gold.

The Tusk Comb

With the Tusk Comb on your hairdo, you can make a style statement. It is an easy comb to carry along, and it holds back your tresses beautifully. The Tusk Comb has 24kt gold plated large statement tusk. It looks stunning in gold, and you can get it in antique silver and rose gold shades as well.

Golden chains and a crystal accessory

This is a superb hair accessory that amps up your plain hairdo. It is a gold hair three-stranded chain with a crystal diamond in the middle. It is a piece that adds glamour and drama to a messy or a simple hairstyle. Be it a special occasion or an ever day affair, this metal accessory made of nickel free alloy metal will not let you down.

Capsule Ponytail Clip 

Ponytails are the easiest hairdos to opt when you have a busy schedule on the go, but ponytails can also be stylish and glamorous. You can embezzle them with hair accessories like the metal capsule ponytail clip. It is a golden clip with a cylindrical shape. It covers your boring plain rubber and gives your pony a sleek, symmetrical shape.

Goddess Leaves Hair Crown

The wreaths that Romans used to put around their head used to look amazing, and this metal hair accessory gives a look that is close to that of a Roman wreath. Set atop your head this polished gold tone metal band, the sculpted leaves part adorn both sides of your head and make you look like a Greek goddess.

‘Luella’ Crystal & Freshwater Pearl Clip

Be it a low bun, an updo, or a plain open hairstyle, the Luella is a clip from Wedding Belles New York that can amp up your personality. It is a beautiful floral inspired design, which is a combination of lustrous freshwater pearls and sparkling crystals. It comes with a rhodium finish or 14k gold plating, and looks amazing especially with a bridal hairdo.

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