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Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff makes a bang in the world of wearable tech

Rebecca Minkoff - Presentation - February 2020 - New York Fashion Week: The Shows

Rebecca Minkoff is a fashion designer in USA, and renowned for her amazing designs of handbags, apparels, shoes, and accessories. Now, she has hit the headlines with her first ever design in wearable technology, a bracelet that lights up when you receive a call or a text. She has done a commendable job by combining technology and fashion.

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While talking about the new venture, the chief executive officer at Rebecca Minkoff, Uri Minkoff said that they wanted to try their hands on the wearables but in a different way than others. Uri said that some other wearable technologies available in the market are the ones that are high on the health aspect of the wearer but they are quite low on the fashion quotient.

However, people want a wearable technology that is equally good to see as well. Uri further said that they are optimistic that their venture will be a big success because they have stepped out of the beaten path and given the wearable technology a very high style quotient.

The wearable technology collection of Rebecca Minkoff includes a gold chain link bracelet that works as a notification bracelet. It alerts you every time you receive a call or a message. It pairs to Smartphones via Bluetooth and sends you the notifications on the bracelet. Another bracelet in the collection is the black leather cable bracelet. It can come handy whenever you Smartphone run out of battery, as the bracelet houses a lightening cable that connects to iPhones on the go. The cable is inside and all the ports are hidden, so when you have a glance on it, it simply looks like a pretty bracelet. No one can make out that it is not a plain bracelet but a powerhouse for your Smartphones.

Rebecca Minkoff is happy about her new collection, and takes pride on the fact that she has come with such a design that has a dual function to perform, and which is too good to look at. Many designers are putting in all their efforts to come up with a trendy mix of technology and fashion to suit the needs of today’s world. Today is the time wherein multitasking is something that everybody values, and wearable technology is something that perfectly suits this category.

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