Face offs

There are some eternal divides that are never going to be solved in the foreseeable future. These divides pervade the realm of fashion, science, general politics, selection of teams in any sport, as well as culture. These divides are sustained by the unending stream of patrons of the general sphere when they bifurcate upon reaching a crucial unction at which the proposed conjecture lends a bipartite nature to the crowd. After being partitioned, the partisans of both dispositions enter this rigmarole which renders the moot question unable to be disposed off neither answered reliably.

The two styles

Restricting ourselves the fashionable side of things none are so greater than the greatest divide of all: that between hippies and punks. How exactly this divide is different from the other fashion divides is set apart from the rest. Both manners of sartorial choices were actually a protest and an extravagant and explicit movement against the common lifestyles and dress choices of their times. And the trait uniting them is that it is for this very reason that they are frowned upon by many people o their time. While the hippies were the rage in the late 60s and 70s, the punks with their spikes clothes, garishly colored hair, tattoos and body piercing started coming out in the late 80s and with the turn of the century have increased in popularity.


Present niche

Instead of excluding and exemplifying them negatively, the present fashion world is trying to galvanize this genre into society by adopting the clothing style of their subculture. As for the hippies museums as well as fashion designers are reinventing the bellbottoms, the block heeled knee length boots for women and incorporating them into the clothes of today. Many tend to agree that the hippies were ahead of the punks not only in their culture but also in their style just so because they were the first to do it against all odds and against a majority that was way more intolerant than the liberal demography of today.


Arguments may also be placed against them because these subcultures with all of their habits tend to provoke the other section of society. Many seem to see them as nothing but an aberration because of their freedom in substance abuse and their meddling in narcotics. That said, it may be worth everyone’s while to not knock till one has tried it. After all, make love. Not war.


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