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Fashion Hazards: Some Wardrobe Trends Can Be Downright Harmful

Fashion Hazards

Some wardrobe trends can be harmful for your health. Yes, it good to follow fashion and trends. But it is foolish to wear something that will harm your health. Today especially women want to look slimmer and beautiful like the models .For this they are ready to do anything. The problem with this kind of attitude is that they never realize what torture they are giving to their body. Everyone needs a good figure and women do anything to get it. Mostly the actresses are the victims.

Health Problems Caused By Certain Outfits

Earlier century women used to wear corset to get the perfect shape. Today women wear slim wear which is the modern version of the corset. To get 13 inch waist women wore corset earlier. Wearing corset for longer period of time will make internal organ to shift onward causing prolapsed uteruses and lungs were bruised or injured. What more to say these fashion conscious ladies are not even able to breathe freely. This was the case with earlier times but nothing much has changed with women who are fashion slaves. Maybe now women won’t wear corset and bustles but it has been replaced with ultra skinny jeans, shapewear, high heels etc. The healthcare professionals clearly say that this kind of dressing is really not good for your health .If you won’t wear it properly it cause you great pain later in life. Look at how these clothes can cause damage to your health

Prolonged using of shapewear can cause damage to internal organs and can even cause heartburn and ulcers. It can also cause urinary infection. Due to the synthetic type of fabric used in shapewear, it tends to hold sweat and this can cause fungal infection as well. So if you are adamant to wear shapewear don’t wear it too tight and for too long.

Skinny Jeans

If the jeans are too tight it can cut the blood flow and can even cause nerve damage. If you are a guy who is fond of skinny jeans, then it is better to give it up because later you need to pay a huge price.

High Heel Shoes

It looks elegant and pretty on  your feet and make you look more sophisticated but wearing high heels for longer time can cause you lot of troubles like arthritis, hammer toe etc.

Be fashionable but use your common sense too!!!

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