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5 Tips to Find Relevant Job Vacancies

Search SitesJob search sites are filled with new job vacancies that need to be filled. There are thousands of jobs added to the list on a daily basis and this should be the first place that any potential employee should visit.It is not enough to follow the relevant vacancies and simply apply. Instead, you should filter through your query to ensure that it is the perfect fit for you. Filters should include:

  • Location
  • Job title
  • Experience
  • Job listing date
The more that you filter, the easier it will be to find jobs that are the ideal choice for you.

Trade Journals and Professional Associations

Many people ignore trade journals and professional associations. These are two great ways to find vacancies from some of the world’s biggest companies. Simply read through these journals or become a member of these associations to have access to the job listings that they provide.Oftentimes, these associations will charge a fee, but they provide endless vacancies as well as the ability to add their name to your resume.AA027769

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies will literally help you find a job. This reduces some of your initial research and is a very fast way for professionals to find a job. Every city or county will have their own agency that will help you find a job for free.There are some facts that you need to know about these agencies before signing up for their services. These facts include:
  • The company will likely require a contract for a minimum amount of employment
  • The recruitment agency will have a list of jobs not available anywhere else
  • Some agencies are used exclusively by bigger companies, which means more opportunities for the job seeker
  • There are industry-specific recruiters that are much better at finding jobs in a specific industry

Find Out When Employers Hire

There are certain times of the year where employers are trying to find the brightest minds that have just graduated college. This is what every graduate should inquire about so that they know when to apply for a company even when vacancies are not listed.This can be done in a few ways including:
  • Asking your school advisor or job placement personnel about the busy hiring season in your specialization
  • Call potential employers and ask them what time of year they normally hire new graduates
  • Go to job fairs and talk to recruiters that will alert you when the best time of year is to apply for a job
Knowing when a company is hiring will allow every candidate to fill a vacancy that they would have otherwise missed.

Job Fairs

Colleges and universities will often have two job fairs every year. These fairs will bring together the state’s biggest companies to try and find the perfect candidate that has just finished their degree.These fairs are a great place to network and should be visited at every opportunity. Make sure that you take every business card possible, share your information and try to talk with potential recruiters. This will allow you to expand your professional network and will allow you to find a job easier now and in the future. ]]>

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