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Reasons to install a wireless home security system

The elementary reason for having a home security system is just that, securing your house and premises. Camera systems are preferred as they allow you to have a record of the intruder and can make a strong case in court. The new wireless cameras are a boon as they can be placed anywhere in and around the house without the intrusive cables snaking around.

Wireless Camera Advantage

Popular belief would be that wireless cameras would probably cost more than the regular cameras with cables, but that is not the case. With the technological advances, wireless cameras have become cost effective and can be set up in half the time it takes to set-up a cable camera. Apart from the fact that you can eliminate all those cables that create a clutter, another distinct advantage of wireless cameras is that they can be placed anywhere discreetly, without any encumbrance. Cables require circuiting, which in itself is an expensive endeavor, also, you have to run tests before the actual set-up.

Wireless Camera Technological Edge

Wireless cameras are powered by batteries, which have long lives and are easily rechargeable. The Wi-Fi enabled cameras easily blend in with their surroundings and transmit recordings directly to your system from at least a few hundred feet distance. Some of them have sensors to send intruder alert emails.

There are motion sensor alerts on cameras that are placed outside the house that will get activated when someone steps on them. There are some models of wireless cameras that have been designed to detect weather conditions and alert you in case of a flood or a hurricane. If you are environment conscious, you can pick cameras to measure the carbon monoxide and other polluting gas accumulation.

Discretion with Wireless Cameras

Wireless cameras are unobtrusive, in that they do not jar your house decor and can be placed anywhere in the house, hidden from the view of visitors and intruders. You can use them to monitor activities within the house too. For instance, if you have kids playing in their room while cooking in the kitchen, you can use the wireless camera to monitor them from your laptop or even smartphone.


Wireless cameras may be more expensive than regular security cameras when you set out to purchase one, but they certainly cost less to maintain and to install.


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