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Why choose aluminum doors and windows over timber

Aluminum windows and doors are gaining more and more popularity with the passing time. People now use aluminum for both residential as well as commercial applications. Gone are the days when people were restricted to the use of timber doors and windows. Since some years, aluminum has become people’s first choice.

From their aesthetic appeal to their durable nature, aluminum windows and doors are very much in demand. Aluminum windows are tough on various problems like warps, moisture, rot, and rust. They require the least amount of maintenance in contrast to the timber windows and doors that need very high maintenance. Aluminum frames require just a good wipe down occasionally.

If you are aware, the demand for the aluminum frames substantially went down owing to a revelation – aluminum windows and doors allow too much heat to escape. To overcome this deficiency, now the aluminum frames come with a thermal break, thus, making these more energy efficient. Their energy efficiency simply doubles when they are coupled with double glazed glass windowpanes. Moreover, the aluminum frames are highly sound proof, which let you enjoy a peaceful life free from the noises of the outside world.

Aluminum windows and doors are highly strong and durable, which makes them appropriate to be installed directly against brickwork, which is impossible to get it done with other window frames. In addition, they can be made into ultra thin frames, which gives them a highly modern and fashionable look, as well as making them to synchronize in easily with home design. Aluminum windows with double-glaze glass are very secure against break-ins.

Aluminum is powder coated and comes in wide range of colors. Therefore, you can choose a number of designs and décor for your home. You can get aluminum windows installed in these ways – fixed, sliding, double hung, awning, casement and tilt and turn.

With all benefits that aluminum windows could bring to your home or business, it really makes sense to install them in place of timber frames. Either choose them for aesthetic qualities or for added security, energy efficiency, aluminum windows and doors are a good option.


If you are planning to build or refurbish your home or you are discontented with how your current windows look, then perhaps aluminum window frames are the best for you. Various benefits that aluminum frames blesses us with, has made them the most sought after material nowadays.


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