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Feng Shui your bathroom to flow natural energy in your home

Feng Shui your bathroom

According to the ancient Chinese art called feng shui natural energy flows throughout the homes and offices we build. If the architecture and decoration of your home is inappropriate then it may prevent the flow of energy. The natural energy or chi is responsible for good health and brings good luck. Feng shui is one of the most believed and applied ancient arts that home owners use for making their homes more livable.Feng shui can be used in any part of your home. Even the bathroom of your home should be made more receptive to positive energy. Bathrooms are one of the most necessary and important parts of the modern homes. It is the place where you relax and rejuvenate yourself after long hours of work and exhaustion. The literal meaning of feng shui is water and air. These are the main constructive elements of our surrounding nature. Feng shui brings balance among the different elements of nature if used correctly.

Before you start using feng shui in your bathroom décor you have to understand that even little details can cause huge obstruction to the chi. The natural energy or chi may go down the toilet or get inside the drain pipe. The absence of positive energy in your home will bring bad luck and different sorts of problems. Cover the bathroom drain and make sure that the lid of the toilet is always down when not being used. Another good trick for drawing positive energy is to separate the toilet from the rest of the bathroom by using a small partition or curtain. Think about creative solutions to this matter.

Keep a mirror above the toilet so that it attracts the positive energy and changes its direction. If there are mirrors that reflect the toilet remove them immediately for reducing the impact of negative energy. Use relaxing music and refreshing scents or aromas in the bathroom for drawing positive energy.

An organized bathroom is capable of attracting more positive chi than a cluttered and unorganized one. There should be at least one window or sky hole through which natural light and energy can flow into the bathroom. Small indoor plants not just make your bathing space look more attractive but it also draws positive energy inside the bathroom.


The bathroom is one of the most important parts of your house. With the help of feng shui, you can attract positive energy to this important space.

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