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Incorporate black skillfully into your home décor

Incorporate black skillfully into your home décor

Every home is sacred for its owner. When it comes to decorating your home, you should be very wise in choosing the colors for your interior. Although black is not a favorite of many for use in home interiors, the color when applied wisely, keeping in mind some basic rules, can create magic at your place. Here are a few ways in which you can creatively use the black paint for decorating your house.

Think Contrast:If you want to darken up your room a bit, painting the entire room in black would definitely work for you and will create the desired effect. However, it still advisable that you choose a lighter shade color like white to paint the accessories of your room, like the furniture and showpieces. Choosing a lighter shade and creating a contrast will help you balance the effects of black. You can also use other shades instead of white.

Accent Wall:A house painted entirely in black would not be a pleasant one for every person. However, to create a strong yet subtle effect you can even choose to paint one accent wall in black. While doing this you must be careful to choose a wall that holds other items too like artwork, television or fireplace and mantle. This would prevent your room from looking like an empty dark hall.

Dark Trim:For people who still think that the above too ways are a bit too much, you still have a better option. Coloring the trim and other accents of your room in black would also prove to be a good style statement and at the same time is very unique to look at.

Add something extra:If black paint does not turn out for you as an appealing color for your interiors, you have certain offbeat options to add the color to your rooms by giving it a personalized touch. You can use various kinds of paints such as those with matte or glossy finish to create a unique pattern or you can even use a chalkboard-based paint to color a wall of your child’s room and can use it as a notepad to note important things.


Black is not the type of color every home can have. But if used intelligently, the color can help create exotic designs and patterns that would catch the attention of every visitor.

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