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Smart gadgets that give your bathroom the high-tech charm

Waterpebble is a smart programmable gadget

A smart home has gadgets for every room bathrooms are no exception. We spend a lot of time in the bathrooms every day and equipping them with high-tech gadgets makes sense.

ProSun Sunshower

You like to get a tan but probably don’t like lying down in the sun for hours. On the other hand, your doctor has advised you to get vitamin D from the sun and you don’t have that kind of time every day. The ProSun Sunshower may help you, you can get a tan while you shower in the comfort of your bathroom.

The Sunshower will also help in the production of vitamin D in the body. With help of vitamin D, the body absorbs calcium and phosphorus, else maximum of these minerals are eliminated as waste. The smart gadget will tan your bums and all the other body parts you want, in the privacy of your bathroom.

Bathroom Mirror TV

Interested in showing magic to your guests that too in your bathroom mirror? Well, if you are one of those people who want to appease people or family members with a surprise, here is a gadget for you. This is a mirror, which hangs like a normal mirror in your bathroom but with an inbuilt TV.

When the TV is turned off, you won’t be able to know that there is a TV in there. There is a LCD TV in the 15” version of the mirror and a Led TV in the 21” and the 26” mirror. Never miss show, even while brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Smart, isn’t it?

Warming Drawer

No, it’s not for the kitchen. Dacor has designed the warming drawer for the bathrooms as well, as there is no effect of humidity on it. After a hot water shower in the winter, it will be cool to wrap your body in a warm towel. The coziness that you get will be worth the effort of getting it installed. Don’t worry the hot rack will not burn your skin. Prove yourself a smart man, as many don’t have such a luxury in their bathrooms.


Waterpebble is a smart programmable gadget

Waterpebble is a smart programmable gadget that will draw your attention towards water conservation. Even if you think that, your water bill is not too high, the need of water conservation is important. Moreover, the children should know the significance of water conservation, there are many places in the world where water is scarce. People walk miles to fetch a few pales of water for their daily use.

The smart device monitors the water going down the drain and indicates to you through a set of three lights. After the installation, it memorizes the first shower and sets it as a yardstick; you can always reset it. When you start the green light glows, the orange shows that you are half way and the red one indicates that you are done.

iRobot Scooba 390

It is a pain scrubbing the bathroom floor and trying to get rid of the bacteria. Here is a smart way, use the iRobot Scooba to do the bathroom floor for you. It will go beneath the cabinet and from wall to wall and clean the dirt in a four-stage process. The manufacturer claims that the robot is capable of cleaning 98% of the bacteria. There is no need to sweep the floor as the gadget will squeegee and scrubs the floor aptly.

Use any of these smart gadgets to make your bathrooms smarter and more comfortable. From getting a tan to cleaning the floor, you can deploy these gadgets to make your everyday life easier.

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