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Shoes that look elegant and stylish with your Denim


You probably get overwhelmed while shopping anything for your wardrobe but like many others; it is purchasing a pair of jeans for yourself that literally daunts you. There are a numbers of factors to consider while picking ideal jeans, so that it flatters your personality.

The common fits you get to choose from are – “Bootcut Jeans”, “Skinny Jeans”, “Straight Leg Jeans”, and “Flared Jeans”. All these types have different shapes and they add a different character to your personality.

Wearing them right requires you to match them with the rest of your outfit, and footwear is one thing that can make your jeans look gorgeous or pathetic. Here is your guide to pick stylish and elegant shoes to wear with every jeans style, so that both look good rather than interfering with each other’s beauty.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans seem to stay here for long and they have become a permanent part of so many wardrobes. Well, if you also belong to this bandwagon, here are the best shoe choices that go well with skinny jeans or any skinny pants. Skinny jeans give you all freedom to pick any shoe type, as whatever you choose looks good with them.

Thong sandals, stiletto pumps, ballerina flats, streamlined sneakers, these all you can pick to wear with your skinny jeans. Not to miss, boots, you can pick any type of boots because you do not have to worry about tucking your jeans in them, as already the body hugging fit of your skinny jeans will come inside your boots. Flaunt those knee-high boots in your wardrobe on skinny jeans, or show off any pair of shoe you want.

Bootcut Jeans

The bootcut style lies in the middle of straight fit jeans and the flared jeans. It has a much wider opening than a straight fit and a narrow opening if compared to a flared jeans. It got its name because this style is ideal to be worn with boots, as ankle boots hide pretty well under its hem, which is not possible if you wear skinny jeans.

Those heavy and chunky platforms lying in your closet you can easily wear under a bootcut jeans, and you need not fear its chunky look, as its hem would ideally hide it. The other shoe styles that go pretty well with this particular type of jeans are heeled boots, platforms, flat boots, ballerina flats, sandals, and sneakers.

Flared Jeans

This type hugs your thighs tight and then starts to flare up towards the bottom. Also called as “wide leg jeans” and its extreme form was known as the “bell bottoms” in the previous times, today they are not that wide as bell bottoms but still have a wide flare to them.

A mass of denim around your feet can easily eclipse your footwear, so you need to pick suitable footwear that could still maintain its identity and just do not get lost under the wide mass of denim, i.e. the flare. Platform shoes and boots, high-heeled boots and sandals, wedge heels, sneakers, and any footwear with chunky heels would go well with this particular style of jeans.

Straight fit jeans

This style of jeans has no curves, just a plain straight start from the top to the bottom. Trim shoe styles, shoes with any length of heels, ballerina flats, chunky heeled boots, platforms, and classic buckle shoes, these all look good with straight fit jeans. In other words, there is a variety of options to choose from.

There are different types and styles of jeans, so are the differences in the types of shoes available. In order to make your jeans and shoes both look beautiful, you ought to create a balance between both.

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