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Tips for installing a wooden bathhouse


<![CDATA[If you live in a country where you have to face extreme weather conditions, and you luckily happen to have a small shed in your backyard, then converting it into a wooden bathhouse is the right thing to do. Wooden bathhouses not only provide a relaxing environment but they also help to flush away the impurities of your skin. If you have a wooden bathhouse in your backyard, you wouldn’t have to drive all the way to get steam especially when there is a heavy snow storm outside. You can easily convert an old shed or building into a wooden bathhouse for your comfort by following the steps mentioned below.

  • First, you should decide the location of your bathhouse. You can construct a wooden bathhouse near the pool, bathroom or you can even utilize some old building or shed in your backyard.
  • After you have decided the location, you should decide the type of heating device you wish to use in you wooden bathhouse. You should prefer an electrical or a gas heater because it will be safe for a wooden bathhouse. Otherwise, you can even go for a gas stove or a wood burning stove.
  • The next step is to hire an electrician to do the wiring of your electric heating and lighting into your wooden bathhouse. You should have some extra switches if you want to install a music system in your wooden bathhouse.
  • After the base of wooden bathhouse is made, the next step is to build a wooden frame using plywood. Take sheets of plywood and cut it out to make your walls and ceiling. Before attaching the plywood to the walls, put insulators in between the walls and plywood sheets. Cover the insulators with foil paper to restrict moisture from entering the room. Fix the plywood sheets on the insulators to complete the overall look of your room. Repeat the same process for the ceiling as well.
  • Install a wooden bench after you are done constructing the wooden bathhouse to complete the interior of the room. You can also add a small table for keeping the drinks and music system.
  • For the flooring of your wooden bathhouse, install sheets of ply wood to make it comfortable.
  • The last step is to install an electric heater in the corner of your wooden bathhouse.


A wooden bathhouse can be a really cool and useful addition to your dwelling. It is rustic, luxurious, and peaceful; that is quite a lot on offer.]]>

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