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Safety measures to use for every DIY project

<![CDATA[It is always important to take the necessary safety measures before undertaking a DIY project. Make sure you seek the advice of a professional. As outline below are some guidelines to assist you conduct home improvement in the safest and smooth way.

  • First, ensure you are always protected by putting on protective gear such as gloves, safety goggles and dust masks especially when working under dangerous conditions where you can easily come into contact with broken glass or spray paint. For dusty conditions, wearing a mask is advised especially when sawing a wood or MDF.
  • It is also important to ensure that the room in which you are working is well aerated especially when using painting or handling materials that emit toxic gases or dust. You should not smoke when painting or when near a freshly painted materials.
  • Use the right equipments for the right job. Quality of any tool is pivotal. Using the right equipments will see you through the work faster. Be careful about storage of tools, working equipments should be safely stored in a box or a rack out of children’s reach.
  • Working with knives should be conducted in a safe way by ensuring the edge is facing away from you and when done, store it under safe conditions.

  • Working with electrical appliances should be safely undertaken by always ensuring the main switch is off and if possible remove the fuse or circuit breaker from the mains (MCB). Rubber shoes should be worn when handling electricity and electric gadgets and even the appliance being worked on unplugged from the socket.
  • It is important to have a fire extinguisher in your house because putting out fire in an electrical gadget using water is hazardous. However, dealing with electricity or gas is better left to certified professionals.
  • Using a power drill should be undertaken cautiously by first ensuring it has a non-conductor body such as plastic. Further, before attaching any parts always make sure to unplug the drill. The chuck keys should also be removed before switching on the drill. Also, loose clothes or jewelry should never be worn as they could get trapped in the drill.
  • Most DIY hazards are caused by ladders. Ladders should therefore be erected by following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Leaning on one side of the ladder will make you loose balance and should therefore be avoided.
  • Rushing through the job will only make you prone to injury. This means, careful planning before embarking on the job is advised. Consult a professional if necessary and don’t go beyond your limitations.


DIY is awesome, but before you embark on the journey of doing things yourself, remember to take necessary precautions.]]>

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