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Guidelines to designing a rustic kitchen

<![CDATA[As you are designing your home’s interior, you are greatly influenced by the architectural design of your house. A home located in a wooded area or a country home looks absolutely perfect when designed with a rustic motif. This type of design combines the aged materials with colors that are reminiscent of autumn. Here are some tips to help you come up with the rustic kitchen of your dreams:

Rustic wood choices

Pine is the wood that is often chosen to represent a rustic kitchen’s charisma. Other woods like hickory, always work nicely. Pine flooring differs in colors from dark brown to orange. This wood is an ideal choice when designing contemporary kitchen countertops, cabinets and kitchen islands. Do not be afraid of the knots in the wood because the knots as well as other natural features give the pinewood its rustic charm.


This may be hard to believe, but the incorporation of stainless steel appliances into a rustic kitchen is possible. Surround these modern appliances with attractive countertops and cabinetry for a balance in your rustic kitchen. The combination of stainless steel and rustic wood is a beautiful and growing trend. Select a refrigerator that is brand new, but looks like it’s from the mid-1990s. When you are looking to buy the kitchen appliances, look for a manufacturer that creates old-fashioned appliances to fit in well with your overall design.

Natural lighting

Aim to have as much natural light flowing into the kitchen as possible. Rustic designs are linked to nature, and natural light is the key to a kitchen with this kind of flair. Skylights could be an effective way to achieve this; however, they can also detract the kitchen from the rustic charm. A great tip is to go with many oversized or bay windows. Light fixtures can be made from a variety of materials like antlers or even driftwood. You can choose to go faux here too.


A farmhouse sink in your kitchen is a great choice to help complete the rustic look. These large and deep sinks are a top choice for every kitchen style. They provide a unique design, and that is, an exposed front panel instead of sitting down inside the countertop. These sinks are most frequently composed of materials such as iron, granite and copper. They also tend to be larger than most sinks, accommodating all of the cooking and cleaning-up requirements of a rustic kitchen.


Rustic is never out of fashion. Pair up the rustic look of your kitchen with modern appliances, and enjoy the effect.]]>


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