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Slipper bath is a cast iron bath type that has a higher end in contrary to the other thereby enabling you in relaxing and soaking within comfort and luxury, offering you ample support especially to your back. You will also […]

untold advantages of using slipper bath

In a limited living space, bathroom is a place that is squeezed the most. To make other areas of the house big, bathrooms are narrow built and small that look claustrophobic. Bathroom is a place, which demands space management the

give a bigger look to small bathroom

After a long day and lots of work when your body is aching for some comfort and relaxation, the best place to be is inside your bathtub. Bathtub is not just a necessity but also a luxury. If you have

You are tired of looking at the same bathroom with the same design year after year, but you cannot think of redecorating it either because it involves a lot of money. However, contrary to the popular belief, you can easily

Finalist of the Reece Bathroom Innovation Award 2012 in the professional category, the “Wicker” is a range of bathroom products by designer David Knott that comes wrapped in hand-woven synthetic Wicker skin, giving a natural touch to your bathroom. The

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