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The untold advantages of using slipper bath

Slipper bath is a cast iron bath type that has a higher end in contrary to the other thereby enabling you in relaxing and soaking within comfort and luxury, offering you ample support especially to your back. You will also find styles that come with an increase finish, possessing a drop within the centre. Such antique tubs play the role of traditional both in new built and old homes, offering flair no matter in which room it is placed. These are indulgent and deep with soft rounded edges which provide an unmistakable blend of comfort and style.

Variegated styles 

Slipper bath styles are accessible in both single as well as double-ended variations. The former style is apt for solo soaks and the latter style is indulgent and large enough for two. The speciality of such bath styles is the freestanding design that enables these to be placed anywhere whether in the side or middle of your bathroom/bedroom for the definite master suite. Owing to its large nature however, it is vital in considering the shape and size of your room (bathroom/bedroom) prior to making the final decision.

Untold benefits of Slipper bath 

Slipper bath is highly favoured owing to its untold benefits. Some of the most striking includes:

  • These are extremely durable and strong indicating that opting one will definitely last for years to come
  • The slipper bath possesses the ability of retaining heat that will help to keep the temperature of your bath water sufficiently warm for extended time periods
  • These are extremely hard to damage and thus cannot be dented, cracked or scratched easily
  • Slipper bath is made accessible in diverse designs including roll top bath and the cast iron bath.
  • These are highly resistant even with most abrasive cleaners. The best part is they are extremely easy and simple to keep clean
  • The slipper baths come with diverse selection of claws and feet to finish off the bath tub with options including white painted or chrome look
  • With slipper baths, you have the flexibility of selecting your own mixers and taps and place them as per your needs.


A slipper bath is well known for its luxurious shape and curved edge, which has been highly recognized for many areas. No wonder when you choose such bath slippers; style and size are two key features that should be considered.


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