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 Why PVC windows are a million dollar choice


Windows are the eyes of your home, as in they are a gateway for the dweller to look into the outside world. Moreover, the type and design of windows that you choose for your home reflects style and class. Apart from being good to look at, windows should be multi functional as well. PVC windows fit this criterion extremely well.

PVC windows are where the frame of the window is made from uPVC. uPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride and it is a tough, environmentally friendly material. PVC windows are a choice that is both stylish as well as economic. The PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a synthetic polymer, which is a derivative of two natural raw materials: ethylene (derived from oil) and chlorine (extracted from common salt). However, what are the actual benefits this material offers?

PVC is a great choice for windows for a number of reasons. PVC is durable, fade resistant, energy efficient, recyclable, very low maintenance, fire resistant, termite, and rot and warp proof, and aesthetically attractive. PVC windows will stand up to all that nature has to throw at them without looking any the worse for wear. PVC is a brilliant thermal and acoustic insulation, good resistance to weathering, is impermeable, acid resistant, and does not wear away with time and UV rays. Thus, it is extremely durable. In addition to this, the PVC windows and doors today are available in many different finishes, even in the wood version if desired.

Owing to their particular structure, steel doors and PVC windows have insulating properties, which can bring down your heating costs up to 50%. The biggest advantage of PVC windows is, once installed they do not require hard maintenance because of their innate properties. Another not to miss advantage of these windows is they are super easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth or a sponge and wipe it.

PVC windows generally come with a guarantee of at least 10 years to assure you that these PVC installations will stand the test of time. You can get PVC windows installed in these ways – fixed, sliding, double hung, awning, casement and tilt and turn.


PVC windows solve your multiple purposes. They give your home a stylish look; they cut down your heating expenses, easy to maintain, and are extremely durable. PVC windows are indeed a choice of great value.


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