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Tips to help you make living with a threenager easy

Handling a threenager or a three year old is not a cakewalk; kids of this age can be really good manipulators. Their sweet looks and expression, endless shower of love, kisses and hugs can easily make their parent slip away. As a parent, it is important that you should be able to stick to your stand especially if you have said NO about something.

A threenager will not give in easily

On one end you have parents, taking a stand for what is right and what is wrong. Somehow, they get their children to listen to them in some ways. However, there are times when you may have  a child who will try to take his or her own stand to suit his/her need.

The word NO is a threenager’s favorite word especially when they want to get their way. This is also one word that they will use the most, which will be followed by a series of tantrums. Their tantrums will include crossing the arms, pouting of the lips, stomping of the legs and even having a major showdown not just at home but also while you are out.

These rounds between the Threenager and the mom or dad can go on for hours. This is why it is really essential that as a parent you should not loose you cool while dealing with them when they are in this mood.

They become little conspirers

There would have been a time when the playtime between you and your three old would help you to unwind from your daily stress. You may also find your child happily playing with other kids of his or her age. The fun part actually comes when your child has become a threenager. It is natural for him or her to get into the habit of conspiring over various things.

All you have to do is turn your back for just a split second, and the little one is up to his or her pranks. From missing pens, to even the cookie jar getting empty really soon every small thing is possible when you have a threenager running in the loose. They will also go ahead and make sure that they lay the so called traps that can divert your mind while they target what they want.

Do not be surprised if they go to the extent of pulling all their toys. You will find you child doing this if they are searching for something or if they want your attention. As much as you would want to blow your top out;  you just have to learn how to keep your cool and take deep breathes. You will also have to come up with innovative parenting hacks to make it easy for you to deal with such situations.

Bathroom time is slowly becoming their own privacy time

Bathroom timeAll this while, you have been cleaning them and taking them for their poo and pee. While you have been missing your bathroom privacy, suddenly, your child starts demanding his or her privacy in the bathroom. Since they are learning things, you are bond to find your clean bathroom all wreaked up. You will find loads of water just pored; the tissue rolls all empty and even the bathroom getting clogged. Although they may want to have their own space, you will still be needed to clean to after they are done with their job.

Their attitudes suddenly seem to grow

Being a parent, you need to make sure that you have control over the situation in the right way without having to put your weight down on them. Threenagers suddenly develop attitudes that can be beyond your understanding. They way they put things across can also make you pinch yourself. Talking about an argument, well this is something that you have to bare up with.

Getting into an argument with your threenager will be something that can go on for hours and can lead to nowhere. It is essential that you should know which argument should be carried forward and which should be left behind. Just to get your peace of mind, it is also natural that you may get tempted to give in to what they want but that will not really solve your problem.

They are Techsavy and can actually teach you

They are TechsavyKids of today are not only smart; however, they really learn how to pick things up by themselves.  They love to spend hours trying to figure things out by themselves and can actually crack the code very easily. You would be amazed as to how much they know and how fast they pick up things. Threenagers will also be able to tell you things about your mobile phone that even you did not know about.

This can be a moment where you can really be happy about things as well as embarrassed about the fact that your threenager is teaching you things that you didn’t know about. These gadgets may help to keep your child busy at least for some time, but you also have to be prepared that it can also end up breaking or being damaged.

You become a concierge and baggage handler

All this while you have been dealing with a diaper bag that is filled with all the necessary things that your little baby needs. Now all of a sudden, the diaper bag phase goes away and you can come back to going out with your favorite purse. But wait, you suddenly realize that your favorite purse is also not your own.

Your purse has become the official transport for all the snacks and knickknacks that your threenager likes. You barely have anything that you can keep of your own only because there is no space left in your bag. From having their favorite toy that they can carry along to even keeping a few medicines if needed and snacks, your bag is now officially for them.

Living with your threenager

Living with your threenagerThis is one of the most difficult phases for you as a parent as well as for your child. Since your child is slowly developing his/her skills, it is one of the major transitions in life. Parents often live in a constant fear because their threenager has suddenly become so fussy and they change their minds every now and then.

Threenagers also are bound to dirty themselves so much that you have to change them a number of times in the day. All of a sudden, you will also find them being very fussy when it comes to food or will become picky eaters. Just remember, this is a phase that will slip away.

A concluding note

Living in a threenager can be a challenge but if you play it smart, you can actually go ahead and make things very easy from you. You will find them running away from you during the times or activities that they do not like and even go ahead and find ways to grab your attention by doing same dangerous things.

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