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Have you ever found a video that has touched your heart? Do you wish to turn your blog posts into something more creative? Is your business looking for a new way to market its content? Well, if you are in the lookout for how to make an impact with your content, Lumen5 will help you out. We all know that content is the King of online marketing; but what good is the king without his kingdom? Similarly, what good is the content when it does not reach out to the masses? If you want to market your content effectively, the Lumen 5 software one solution you can use.

Video Marketing is on the rise

Every year, we see a variety of trends that are on this rise. As per experts and market watchers, video marketing is on the rise for the year 2018. On an average, only on YouTube, close to 500 million video hours are watched daily. Similarly, on twitter, around 82% of the users are engaged in video content. Not just that, video content is used by close to 87% of online marketing professionals.  Keeping all these factors in mind, it is without a doubt; a business can actually engage their target audience through video content marketing. This is where platforms like Lumen 5 can make a big difference.

So what exactly is Lumen 5?

Lumen 5 is an intelligently designed platform that allows you to make engaging videos using your blog posts. It is a simple and user-friendly software that will have you creating innovative videos within no time. Through the specially created videos, you can easily market your content.

In order to generate more traffic and engage your customers on your website, you have to make sure that your marketing strategy is up to beat. Short videos based on your blog posts will help your audience to know a lot about your business.

Features of Lumen5

Convert your text into Videos

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Through the Lumen 5, you can easily convert any of your text into a video format. You have the option of choosing the words and phrases that you want on your video directly from the blog post. The text editor will also allow you to make changes to the font, color, size and even style of your text.

Enter the link of your blog post

To make your video, you do not have to waste time brainstorming your text or uploading the entire article. All you have to do is place the link to your blog post on the designated area. Within a few seconds, you can start creating the video the way you want by choosing the text from your blog.

RSS Feed

The RSS feed in Lumen 5 is a special feature which automatically creates video templates for you. This automated approach is perfect for those who have to create tons of videos every day. The RSS feed will automatically create the video template for you.

Editing your video to give it a special touch

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If you want to give your video a personalized touch, you can surely do so with Lumen 5’s editing tool. The fully functional tool allows you to perform various actions such as font, colors, alignment, pictures and the size of your text. Apart from that, you also have the option of adjusting the Aspect Ratio to change the layout from portrait to landscape and vice versa.

Choice of changing, adding and evening uploading media files

Although Lumen 5 has a large database of different types of media files, you still have the chance to upload your own media as well. This no restriction feature gives designers the flexibility to design their video the way they like it.

Branding your video

Just as how it is important to brand your business or product, it is also essential to brand your video as well. Through Lumen 5 branding your video is very easy. You can easily upload yoru company logo or watermark for the personal finish.

Free and Subscription plans to suit anyone’s budget

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The best thing about Lumen 5 is that it comes with a wide range of plans and pricing to suit anyone’s budget. There are three plans available, they are

The Free Plan

The free plan is ideal for people who are on a budget or for those who want to try out the Lumen 5. Through the free plan, you can create as many videos as you want. It also allows you to upload the videos and photos of your choice along with your own logo. If you want, you can choose any media file from its 10,000,000 collection. The video quality of this plan is 480p, which is a good quality when you want to post on social media platforms.

The Pro

If you opt for the Pro plan, the monthly fee is $49. In this plan, you can even access square videos, 720p video quality and choose from 35+ popular fonts. Through this plan, you can upload the logo or watermark of your company as well.

Business Plan

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A specially designed plan for business, you can choose the number of users that would be accessing the Lumen 5. With a monthly fee of $99 per user, the dashboard is equipped with special features like team permission settings, letterbox videos and even multiple brand presents. You have access to 1,000,000+ premium files and even upload your own fonts or music to give your video the personal touch.

A concluding note on Lumen 5

Lumen 5 is a good solution for online marketers and business who want to market their products. Through this software, a user has the ability to create endless videos at their own convenience.  This user-friendly software does not require any special training.

A simple sign-up process, an easy to understand platform and a large collection of media files are all available at your disposal. The Lumen 5 saves you time, energy and money while giving your video a professional look and finish.

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