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This Is What Using Colour Therapy For A Healthy Home Will Do To Your Mental Health

Do you remember, as a child, how bright colours would uplift your mood or how dull colours would make you sad in a matter of few seconds? Well, there is now a way to explain that experience. Scientists have observed that certain colours help people to feel less stressed; and certain colours add to the stress. Calm, soothing colours reduce anxiety in most sufferers; while bright, blaring shades can induce the same. If colours influence one’s mental health to this extent, it is only safe to say that your home should have all the right colours to enhance your mental wellness. Using colour therapy for a healthy home will keep you mentally and emotionally healthy too. Here’s how:

Using calming colours for the home can make your mind feel at home:

Colour psychology says that certain calm shades in your home can really help your mind feel relaxed and at peace. These calming colours for the home are:



All the shades of blue spell peace and calm. Just looking at any shade of the colour for 5 minutes can reduce stress and blood pressure, slow the heart rates, and lower the anxiety levels. Why does that happen? According to colour psychology, blue is a colour that has a cooling effect. Not only that, blue is observed as a colour that boosts creativity and enhances trust and communication. So, if you are seeking to fire up your creative engines with your loved ones, blue is colour you should be around.

Blue promotes creativity, but it also spreads calm and peace. While using colour therapy for a healthy home, it is best advised to paint your bedroom walls with a neutral shade of blue. One of the best calming colours for the home will work magic in the bedroom, since that is a personal space – place you go for a good night’s rest.


Green is the colour of the nature. Hence, it is one of the most effective calming colours for the home. In today’s day and age, when you are constantly surrounded by concrete jungles, shades of green often go for a toss. However, by using colour therapy for a healthy home, you can welcome the quiet, peaceful shade back into your life.

Colour psychology says green is a comforting shade. Its presence in the house will help you to feel at lot less anxious than ever before. Green is one of the most relaxing colours to reduce stress. Use pastel green, pale-yellow green, or beige green to bring back the peaceful atmosphere into your home.



White personifies purity and clarity. It is a classic shade – fresh and tranquil. When your thoughts are like a web of wires entwined with one another, white helps you to sort it out. It will be safe to say that white is one of the most calming colours for the home.

If colour psychology is to be believed, a room white a clean, pure shade of white is the most ideal for a woman who is pregnant. White can impart an illusion of spaciousness in a comparatively cramped up space. So, if you are someone who is always struggling with tight deadlines or personal and professional stress, surrounding yourself with white walls or decor will help immensely since a visually larger space makes you feel comfortable.


Studies back the power of one the most relaxing colours that reduce stress by claiming that meditation is ten times more effective when practised under violet light. While using colour therapy for the home, make you sure you include violet in the list.

It encourages spiritual awareness and intense contemplation. Moreover, one of the most calming colours of the home also promotes bone health, by balancing the sodium and potassium levels in the body.

While violet can be too bright a colour for your walls, you can surely add a violet centrepiece in your living room. Moreover, you can also use violet flowers or a subtle violet decor in your personal space for soothing effects.



Pink is the colour of tranquillity, femininity, warmth, love, sexuality, and survival. Pink, a lighter tint of the bright red, soothes us rather than igniting us. It is colour of female energy. Hence, this colour is soft and powerful at the same time.

If you are looking for calming colours for the home, while seeking a bright shade at the same time- look no further than pink. It is just the right kind of bright shade – that simulates your brain, reduces stress, and ignites playful creativity – all simultaneously. Adding a shade of pink to your children’s rooms or nursery is the best way of using colour therapy for a healthy home, since it is sure to boost up your child’s creativity and reduce its mental stress and anxiety.


Bright shades of red boost confidence. Bold black imparts a feeling of power, sophistication, and security. If you have an important presentation or a pitch to make in a couple of days, surrounding yourself with either shades or a combination of both will work wonders.

A tip for using colour therapy for a healthy home is to paint the walls of the house gym or activity room with a neutral shade of red. Include black decor pieces in your house, experience sophistication coupled with excellence, and get the best out of colour psychology.

While red isn’t one of the most relaxing colours that reduce stress, it clearly is a display of individuality. Painting a wall of the bedroom with red will give you a larger-than-life kind of feeling.

Black isn’t one of the most calming colours for the home either. However, black teams up very well with white. Together, they can give your home a timeless, classic look; while imparting a feeling of calm security and stability to you.

Other than the above listed colours, there are many more shades – calm, vibrant, and bright – that can take away your stress and gift you some much-needed peace. Yellow, orange, grey, and brown are other colours that you can use in your house to boost your mental wellness.


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