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How to choose suitable grout for bathroom and kitchen tiles

grout for bathroom and kitchen tiles

<![CDATA[Grout, its properties and benefits

Grout is a powder that comes in different colors and it is used to fill the spaces between tiles. Grouting is an important process because it gives the perfect finishing to tiles and also it offers the much needed fixing the tiles require. If the grouting is not proper, the tiles can come off. The grout used not only fills the gap between the tiles, it also prevents moisture from seeping into the tiles and also protects the tiles from any future damages. Grouting is an important process in the tiling procedure and it should be done properly and meticulously.

Points to take note of while applying grout for tiles

Unsanded grout: This is the first and most important process in grouting. If you are using stone tiles, the unsanded grout is the best option but for all other type of tiles, sanded grout is generally preferred. If the joints between tiles measure under 1/8 inch, then unsanded grout will be more beneficial. If it is wider, then sanded grout will alone do justice to such joints.

You also get urethane grout, which is well suited for different kinds of installation. It is highly preferred to any other kinds of grout.

The main difference between sanded and unsanded grout is that the former has a sandy texture while the latter is more smooth and matte.

Choosing grout colors:  It all depends on whether you wish to exhibit the grout used or not. Generally, it works better when a grout color similar to the tile color is used, because it gives uniformity to the appearance. It is better to choose soft colors that will give proximity to the tiles and will appear only in the background.

When white tiles are used, the grout color that is used is usually light gray and for brown or any other neutral colored tiles, sandy grout color is used. For those who would like to have their tiles look dramatic and stand out, a contrasting grout color can be chosen.

Though choosing the right grout color sounds simple, it is not always so. Since the grout color chosen is normally light, a dilemma occurs when the color of the tile itself is light. In such a situation, many prefer using epoxy grout.  It is easier to clean than the standard grouts and that is an advantage. It is a difficult process to install epoxy grout but all the while, it is worth all the efforts because you do not have to pay any extra effort in maintaining it for a very long time.


For choosing the right grout for tiles in bathroom and kitchen select the suitable grout and choose the color to match the type of tile used.]]>

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