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DIY basement finishing and tools that you need

<![CDATA[Just like any other part of a house, a basement is an important room in a home. It is almost the place that acts as a filter for your home, in the sense that you can store things in it, or use it as a quiet corner to spend time or use it as a space for any other function like a hobby room. If your basement is lying as a wasted space with all old and unused materials stored and it is more like your dumping ground, then kindly think again. If you can spend some time in the renovation of the basement, it will add value to your home and will also provide you with extra living and storage space.

The most important aspect in basement renovation is basement finishing. With DIY techniques, you can yourself do the basement finishing. The benefits of doing the basement finishing all by yourself are manifold. One, you get the super satisfaction of having your fingerprints in the smoothly finished, superb looking basement and second, you do not end up paying a huge amount to professionals.

Tools that you required for basement finishing

Basement finishing requires some basic and good tools. While the basic tools such as hammer, nail inserter, chisel, screwdriver, saws, drills, nail gun and others are required, there is also need for some additional tools for basement finishing. Here is a list of some tools you should have:

A drywall tray: It is generally a rectangular tray. It is used to fill drywall compound. The tray also has a metal lip on each side that helps in the scraping off excess compound.

Drywall knives:  These knives can be used to scoop the compound and also apply on the wall.

Chalk line:  It is a metal case that is used to hold chalk powder.

Utility knife: Its blade is used to run along the chalk line on the wall. The knife when run down on the wall break, separates the drywall into two.

Staple gun: A staple gun is used to mount staples through the side lips of the insulation into the wall popper.

Nail gun: Hammers are necessary for nailing but if you can get a nail gun, that would make the task of nailing faster and easier.  A nail gun will help you fix nails faster and without hurting your fingers. With hammer, you also need more effort but with a nail gun, all you have to do is press a button and lo, your nail is fixed. Yet, keep couple of hammers for basement finishing because you will need them once in a while.

Summary: Basement finishing can be done quickly and effectively if you have some extra tools in your tool kit, apart from basic tools such as hammer, chisel and saws.]]>


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