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How to take care of your silk rug

take care of your silk rug

<![CDATA[Silk is a natural protein fiber produced from insects. Most insects produce silk but it is only silks from caterpillar that are used for textile manufacturing. Most silks are produced by the larvae of insects that are undergoing complete metamorphosis. Silk is very strong, five times stronger than steel, and is highly resilient when stretched. Silk rugs are used for floor covering and should be afforded some care.

For proper cleaning and maintenance, it should be understood that silk is light and smooth in texture and is great for decoration. They are very expensive should not be used in high traffic areas because they are easily stained.

For optimum care, vacuum clean silk rugs regularly using a brushless suction head so as to clean the ferrule end faces, remove oil, dust and debris.

Removing stains on silk rugs is difficult and the earlier the better. Stain removal should be done immediately before the stain has the chance to attach to the silk fibers, and this should be done with a lot of care.

Shaking the silk rugs outside regularly helps remove dust, debris and airs the rugs thus removing bad odors. To remove odors too, use either baking soda or vinegar. Sprinkle it onto the rug, leave it for an hour then vacuum clean it using a brushless suction head of a vacuum cleaner.

Gently sweep silk rugs with a broom to avoid damaging the fibers.

Gently scoop solid spills and take care not to scrape the fibers of the rug lest you tear them. For liquid spills, absorb as much as possible using a clean white cloth on the affected area. Use of heat, such as a dryer, damages the silk rug.

To remove stains, Use equal proportions of water and vinegar. Pour the solution into a clean cloth and blot the stain. Use a clean dry clot to absorb the excess liquid. Leave it to dry naturally, do no heat it. To remove color from stains, use club soda: pour it onto a cloth and blot the stain and thereafter absorb all the stain using a clean dry cloth.

Silk rugs are a beautiful investment and addition in every home’s value.  While you may well decide your silk rug should be put on the wall rather than the floor, just know that you are purchasing something to be passed down your family. For thorough cleaning, employ the services of a professional rug cleaner. Most will do deep dusting, clean the rug from sides, stain removal and hand wash the silk rug.


A silk rug is beautiful, and can be fairly expensive. Remember to take good care of the rug, it requires only a bit of diligence and thoughtfulness on your part.]]>

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