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Inexpensive ways of brightening up your room

ways of brightening up your room

<![CDATA[Is your messy room killing your day? Or are you getting bored with your old bedroom style? There are some delightful ways of changing your gloomy room into a vivid one. Style doesn’t mean breaking the bank. Just let the crafts of your hands fix this. Here are some tips that will help you make your room good as pristine:

Repainting job

Walls make the four corners of your room, so it is the most noticeable part. Old white paint is too dull and dark colours may make you feel gloomy. Choose colours that will make your room look bigger. Cream, light blue and other light pastel colours will do the part. Remember to use light colours to make it brighter and bigger.

Packing old stuff back to your storage room

Broken cabinets, drawers, unused sideboard or wall unit physically makes your room smaller. If you have books, figure collections, picture frames and other smaller things, then make use of wall shelves. If you find it costly, don’t worry, you can make one on your own. It is not that difficult, you just have to buy good quality woods and think of how you wanted it to look like.


Try using LED bulbs. Lighting for LED bulb has long life and doesn’t burn out easily. It also helps you save electricity and gives you brighter illumination than standard lighting. LED bulb comes up with different designs, which keep you still in trend. Aside from using LED bulb, natural light makes your room perfectly bright. This means the light from the sun. Your window gives your room the best lighting. Curtains play a big part of it. If you have smaller windows, use minimal curtains in white or other light colours. If you have bigger windows, then you can use darker ones but still make a combination that will keep light pass through. You can use sheer curtains that will keep your room in style but still giving that perfectly bright illumination.


Decors can never be out. Paintings, wall mirrors and other wall accents can be of great help. Mounting your old mirrors, paintings and other wall decors properly gives a more stylish look. You don’t have to buy new stuff to decorate your room. You can hang picture frames or your own painting. Just make sure your wall does not get too crowded.


Giving your room a facelift does not have to be inordinately expensive. Just remember, you don’t have to spend more and be stone broke. Let your creative mind work. It is the most inexpensive craft.]]>

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