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Renovate or rebuild? Choose the greener option


<![CDATA[Are you wondering whether to rebuild or renovate? Recycling or rebuilding is an excellent idea, just as it is to reuse raw materials instead of using the ones that are yet to be used. The option to rebuild or recycle goes even to building. There is a great debate going on as to whether it is it is more eco-friendly to do renovation of an existing building or property into a greener style or bring it down and build another one that is environmental friendly from scratch. So which is the best option?

The best option is determined by specific situation surrounding the whole issue. In most cases, it is hard to make justification on why you should bring down an existing structure rather than just renovating it. It is not cost effective to build a new house. However, it is also good to note that some structures may be so run down making renovation more costly that rebuilding. Such a building may also be a source of health hazard to its occupants, thus it needs to be rebuilt. You need to consider such factors as you make the decision as to whether to renovate or build.

If you are more concerned about the environment, then it is good to do renovation instead of rebuilding. The main reason is that it is simpler. There are many parts that makes up a standard home. For example, ducts, pipes, plaster covers, plywood, wooden rafters, tarpaper, shingles and others. If you decide to rebuild, all these waste materials will be dumped somewhere. Thoughtless dumping of these materials can cause landfills to fill up. In addition, some of these waste materials get into water bodies leading to water pollution.

It is more appropriate to renovate instead of rebuilding as this helps conserve the available resources. For instance, if you decide to rebuild a wooden building, more trees will need to be cut to provide the wood needed. The cutting of the trees will act as a major threat to the entire environmental sustainability. If it is a stone building, more stones will be required leading to creation of more quarries that lead to land pollution. Therefore, you need to consider the above factors as you make your decision on the best option for you.


It may not be easy to decide if you should renovate or rebuild an old structure. Generally, renovation should be more eco-friendly and even budget friendly. Rebuild if renovation is too expensive, or the old structure can pose hazards.]]>

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