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Simple ways to make your kid smarter

It is only natural for a parent to expect his/her kid to be the smartest in the class or in his/her group. While many believe that some kids are born smart, the truth is all kids are born with certain qualities, including speed-reading, mathematical calculation and photographic memory. All they need is for their parents to guide them and nurture these abilities as they grow. The right approach and influence would do wonders for the development of a child’s intellectual capabilities. It is up to the parents to understand this and work accordingly.

So how does one go about influencing his/her children to develop these abilities? You can achieve this in two ways, i.e. setting examples and direct actions. Let us look at both of the approaches in detail to get a better understanding of how they need to be implemented.


Influencing Via Direct Actions

Influencing your kids via direct actions pertains to showing interest in the activities that they enjoy. Your participation would help your kids gain that extra confidence and encouragement to explore further.

However, note that too much interference on your part can stifle their creative minds. So be with them as a guide and give them the necessary freedom required to do some self-exploration. This would enable your kid to discover things on his/her own, thereby allowing his/her intellectual capability to grow further.

For instance, if your child is playing with some toy bricks, encourage him to pieces together by showing him/her a simple example. Do not force him/her to choose colors or patterns after that. Just let him/her be and watch him/her try to put the pieces together. Help him/her only if he/she looks towards you for the same.


Influencing by Setting Examples

Children aged five and above learn better by following examples than words. Therefore, your actions would have a direct impact on how they perceive their own attributes. For instance, if you are afraid of insects, there is a strong chance that your kid is afraid of insects too. Children whose parents love to read would also most likely show a genuine interest in books from a very early age.

This goes to show that your children would most probably honor what you do rather than follow what you say. The saying “Practice what you preach” also works here. If you do not follow the examples you set in the house, there is little possibility that your kids would follow these examples as well.


Smart kids are not born; rather their parents nurture them to become intellectually adept at things. While you cannot force your kid to become smart, you can follow these simple tips to nurture his/her mental abilities for the better.

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