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Choose the right carpet for newborn babies


Carpets can be dust and allergy holders Though a carpet can be a perfect floor for a baby to crawl about, it can also be a favorite place for dust mites, pollutants and allergens. Even pesticides and chemicals are found in carpets. Imagine your child playing in such surroundings. Even if it is a new carpet, it has volatile chemicals in it, which are released into the air. Inhaling this air can be pretty dangerous for adults even, so you can imagine what harmful effect it would have on a baby. A wool carpet will be the best option for newborn babies to crawl on.

 Baby on Rug

 Clean the carpet as often as possible The only solution to the above problem is frequent cleaning of the carpet. If you cannot do it, then forget the idea of getting carpets for home. If you wish to keep the carpet clean and safe for your baby, you too should follow some hygiene steps. Keep your shoes outside and do not walk on the carpets with your shoes on and encourage your guests to do the same. With a baby inside home, they will definitely understand your predicament. Use a high quality vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet. It can be done weekly or even once two or three days.  You can also opt for steam cleaning which can be done by professionals. It is an effective way to clean carpets because it kills germs, bacteria and fleas. You can clean stains using a mild carpet shampoo, which is commonly available in market. You can also spray baking soda on the entire surface of the carpet and then use a vacuum cleaner on it. Summary Any carpet if cleaned periodically and kept germ free is best for new parents and the wool material works best for babies.]]>


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