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Parenting in the cyber age: How updated we are

Parenting in the cyber age

Today, we are at the pinnacle of age of technology and our children are no less that a robot with knowledge and tools that we didn’t had when we were their age. With such advanced technology and such great and inquisitive children, we often find it difficult to keep pace with them.

On the other hand, internet savvy children are yet another problem to their parents. Most parents complain about their children spending their time in front of the laptop or mobile screens. Following tips will help you deal with the same.

  1. Update yourself

The first step to keep yourself active in the digital parenting age is to acquire knowledge about the new and developing technologies, applications and their uses. Knowledge indeed is your greatest strength.

  1. Go Online

Being a responsible parent, it is extremely essential that you have a complete knowledge and understanding of what is going on in your child’s life, the kind of friends he has, the things that he shares with others etc. for this you need to be user friendly with several social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. This way you would always be able to keep a watch over your child’s activities.

  1. Restrict Internet Usage

Although internet has a plethora of sites that contain important information that could affect and improve your child’s learning and development, it is essential to limit internet usage. The more the screen time, the more your child becomes unsocial and reserved.  Also studies reveal that children who spend more time in front of these gadgets are more likely to get affected with psychological disorders.

  1. Block YouTube

If you feel your child is spending too much time surfing videos feel free to block this app and allow your child to use only when it is needed.

  1. Do not show excess trust

Trusting your child is good. But even good and obedient children may sometimes fall prey to various technologies. Hence, do not blindly trust your kids. Talk to them, freely let them share with you and see to it that they do not make inappropriate use of the various applications available on net.

  1. Guide your children to use the net safely

Guide your children as to what degree of transparency they should maintain on the social networking sites. Discuss with them about the various ways to block unknown users and also give them information about various privacy controls.

Finding good information and advice is not an easy thing. You, as a parent, can only do it for your child. By being a good parent you can really help your child to be safe online.

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