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Fantastic gadgets to help with your child’s development

Everything in this modern world has turned extremely high tech including the way we raise our children. Being a computer age parent, it becomes extremely essential that you update yourselves with the best and the latest gadgets and applications. You have access to some really amazing gadgets for kids that do much more than providing the kids entertainment and fun. These gadgets boost your child’s development and help you become better parents. Read below to know more about fabulous child gadgets.

Kids Paxie Band

If you are a parent of a toddler, you must definitely be facing a lot of problems in handling your kid while at work. Well, with the all new Kids Paxie Band, I am damn sure you will have great relief. This all in one device is not just a band, in fact, it will do everything for you right from monitoring your child’s heart rate to keeping a track of its position. The band can be operated only with the help of two hands and hence you need not to worry about your child taking it away. It also records surrounding temperature and the child’s current fitness status.

Dash ad Dot Programmable Robots

The Dash and Dot programmable robots are simply mind blowing in that they help to enhance your child’s learning abilities and problem solving skills through various interesting and stimulating music, animation and stories along with a simple touch interface. While Dash comes with wheels, dot is a ball which can be moved and used to detect Dash. Both, Dash and Dot are compatible with android and iOs and can be connected to the same with the help of Bluetooth.


The Notion is a true sensing device on which you can really count. It senses a plethora of things like opening and closing of a particular door or cabinet thus allowing you to have complete control of the house and the child within even when you are away from home. The device sends message to your android or iOs smartphones and it also keeps track of the house’s temperature and sound so that you can make the required changes while being away.


The Miyaa is an extremely pretty child watch that comes in eye candy colours and is designed to make your child grow healthy and fit. For all the physical activities that your child does, the watch gives them gold stars as reward. The device is loaded with a proximitysensor with a range of over 200 feet and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Using the app, you can set a desired range for your kids to move and alerts you whenever the child crosses the limit.

From trendy watches to extremely exciting dual robots these gadgets will surely help you take better care of your children.


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