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Five Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Cut Flowers


Everyone loves flowers as it gives you a cheerful feeling. There are lots of flowers that can be placed in homes as well as gardens but regular cutting will help you to keep your flowers beautiful.  Planting flowers is simple but maintaining the same is difficult. Most of the people hate cutting flowers but it is necessary to keep them in shape and form. This can be only possible if you regularly cut them to ensure that they grow in a proper manner. Those who are fond of planting flowers can try some of the excellent eco friendly methods that add beauty to the concerned areas. Here are 5 ways that you can try to maintain the beauty of your gardens.

Plant flowers in pot – If you do not want to cut flower, a better option is to keep them small. Pots are the best option to plant the flowers of your choice. As pots are small in size therefore plants grow to a certain extent only and this ensures that the plants remain small. Even if you want to present flowers, you can give them along with the pots which can be placed in the gardens. In this way you don’t have to cut them on regular basis as they are already short in height and small. Nowadays pots come in attractive designs and colors therefore it can be a great option for gifting too.


Use fabrics for creating unique collections – Colorful fabrics can be used to make flowers from them. The best thing about such handmade flowers is that they are lovely as well as long lasting too. Fabulous bouquets can be created with the help of the fabrics and the same can be presented on weddings too. This is one of the finest ways of using handmade flowers which look just awesome and can be used in different ways. Thus stay away from the tension of maintaining real flowers and go for handmade silk or metal flowers for any occasion you want.

Make paper roses – Paper roses are also a great choice when you want to add a few exclusive flowers to your rooms. These are easy to make and look pretty too. To make paper roses, you just have to collect waste paper and dip it in water along with food dye. Once the paper soaks all the color, it can be used to make a variety of colorful flowers. Wires can also be used so that these flowers can be clustered together and placed in flower vases too. Thus you can say that paper flowers can be an excellent choice to stay aloof from the tension of taking care of real flowers.


Create a small garden in your home or apartment – If you love to have a garden of yours then collect together a few pots to create a garden. It is much easier and you don’t have to take tension in managing the garden. By devoting a little time only, you will be able to give a different look to your garden. In this way you can utilize the left over space in your home and make a garden of your choice. This is a brilliant idea and everyone will love to try it too.

Cookie bouquet, a perfect selection – Cookie bouquets have become a superb choice among the people who are fond of flowers. This is not just a unique way of arranging flowers but looks absolutely mind-blowing. You can use it in your homes for decoration and even as a gift. Thus cookie bouquets have become the most innovative way of using flowers in a trendy style. So if you like this presentation, you can also try it.


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