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Tips to involve parents in school activities

involve parents in school activities

It has been proved that kids perform better in school when parents are involved in their education. Besides, they are better behaved, grow up more successful and also have positive attitudes towards their school. Right from improved grades to better school attendance and higher motivation in succeeding scholastically, engaging parents in school activities to a large extent helps to benefit children from toddlers to the teens. Following are a few effective ways that teachers can adopt to help parents stay involved in their kid’s classroom activities.


Educational institutes and teachers should keep in touch with parents either in person, through newsletters, through notes and letters sent home, through websites and email or on the phone. It is important for teachers to discuss with parents in a normal way devoid of adding any educational jargon and ensuring that they have daily access to every form of readable information regarding their kids’ school activities inside and outside the classroom.

Let parents get involved:

Involving parents is indeed a multi-step process. Invitation to different school activities, namely student-led activities, concerts, assemblies or lunch visits are an excellent way of introducing parents to the culture of the school along with its administration, staff and teachers. Besides, the opportunity of interacting with other parents is another good way of increasing involvement.

Creating parenting resource centers:

Creating such centers in schools along with information material like tapes or CDS, videos, textbooks, tips, magazines, articles and brochures will help. Developing a website for the school with a column for parents is a great idea. Setting up workshops or sessions in school such as single parenting, sexual and drug awareness, raising teenagers, child care, improving study skills and grades and helping with homework will work wonders.

Volunteer opportunities:

Including parents in different volunteer activities for supporting school programs and students is also important. Whether this is through PTO/PTA, community activities or fundraisers, such a form of parent involvement is crucial to help parents feel invested when it comes to their kid’s education program.

School facilities:

Schools can help in tapping the professional skills and expertise of parents via encouraging them to support in the building of school facilities.


A supportive and positive school culture will help in minimizing behavioural problems and bolster academic achievement. Children need in being aware that they are not building their life journey all alone. Parents need to be encouraged by offering ongoing support to their kids’ academic success and reinforcing positive behaviours within the home.

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