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Five facts that make parenting a pleasurable experience

Nothing is more fulfilling and wondrous than becoming a parent. This phase will change your attitude, lifestyle and priority towards life completely. Parenthood will bring in wholeness and tremendous pressure to your life. To become a mom or dad is not easy as it is difficult in interpreting the first cry and babble of your infant and young infant. Besides, it is more difficult in explaining the grown up toddler in learning to differentiate amid right and wrong. Parenting from every angle is the toughest task in the world and a super stressful one.


You can never master the skills of parenting until you become one. Nobody will ever tell you how difficult it is to cope with the stress and challenges of parenting a child. The best way to learn is via trial and error. Below are five things that you may not be aware of until you become a parent.

No linearity or predictions:

You can never predict what your little one will be few years down the line. Specific behaviours of your child may make a comeback when he/she steps their teens. The temper tantrums and whining that you notice in your kid during the toddler phase can again be felt during their teenage. Thus there will be absolutely no linearity or predictions in the behaviour and development of your child.

A period of torture:

Parenting may turn into a torture especially on your self-esteem. After all, no one can predict how your little one may behave now and what he/she may do in the next moment. Your home at times may become a disaster with your kid being cranky and not paying attention to you.

Fulfilling emotional demands is not easy:

As a parent, you will give your 100% to provide every necessary thing needed for your kid. However, these are physical demands, which you can provide your child. Yet when the same applies to fulfilling their emotional demands, you may not always be present in such a situation for protecting them.

Long-term project:

The role of parenting is indeed of a long term. Nobody can predict that this role can complete within this period. As a parent, you need to be patient and wait for the ultimate result. The final reward will be achieved when you succeed to raise a healthy and happy childhood to adulthood and this takes many years. During this period, you need to have both patience and faith, as it will be rather tough for you in taking any decision at present devoid of being unaware of the future.

You cannot define parenting :

Every job has a proper job description barring the parenting job. This job has no description, no orientation program, no performance review and no training program.


These parenting guidelines may prove helpful for you as well as your child. Parenting skills includes everything right from being a patient listener to knowing when discipline will be appropriate. Not to forget, being a good and responsible parent means being capable of finding a balance amid getting involved in the life of your kid and helping her/him to take proper care of themselves.

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