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Awesome future home gadgets and appliances

Everyday while toiling in the kitchen or cleaning the bathrooms, we think how great it would have been if we had more intelligent household gadgets. Gadgets and home appliances have already made our lives comfortable and easy but still we crave for more helpful gadgets and technological inventions. Time and technology will stop at nothing.

Technologists are continuously coming up with excellent concepts and designs for better home appliances. Such designs and innovations can change our life and enhance the meaning of household comfort. In the following, you will find some awesome futuristic gadgets and concepts that will make your home smarter.

Self-sterilizing door handles:

Many diseases are spread through simple hand contacts. One of the most frequently touched part of your house is the door handles. Germs can spread through it very easily. Choi Bomi is the intelligent designer who has invented the lovely self-sterilizing door handles so that your home is more health conscious and hygienic. This simple yet brilliant concept got the Red Dot Concept Award. This door handle concept uses UV light for the sterilization.

Design your food concept:

Have you ever wanted to modify or design your food according to taste and desire? The design your food concept allows you to do just that. It lets you modify food items and even change their consistency. You can scan your food with this appliance and it will show you the details about its nutritional value. This concept also allows the user to farm their own food by genetically modifying them and provides a healthy biosphere required for farming.

Arc Shower System:

D.K and Wei has created the beautiful and unique Arc Shower system. It is a shower concept for your modern home. Its specialty is the capacity of saving water and recycling used water. This means that you can take long warm showers after a hard day of work without worrying about water wastage.


This is a tank where you can float and relax in the privacy of your home. The I-Sopod uses LED lights for creating a unique ambience inside the floatation tank. It has got a water filtration system and inbuilt MP3 player for playing music. People who love water but live in a cramped apartment or cannot afford a swimming pool should get this one.

Ecotypic Bed:

Ecotypic bed is an eco-friendly bed that is capable of all your movements into energy. It has integrated plants that grow with the help of LED lights. It also has pulleys and belts for doing exercises on its sides.


Technology is evolving and improving our lives and it will continue to do so in the future. Technologists and designers are inventing home appliance concepts that will make your living space more comfortable.


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