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19 Reasons You Need to Own a Dog

<![CDATA[If you ever wanted convincing that you need a dog here it is – 19 reasons that you simply can’t go on any longer without a dog in your life.
1 –You’ll have the perfect hide and seek partner. As soon as you can get your dog to stop peeking…

2 – You’re spending way too much time on Facebook.

3 – You’ll want a dog that can play dead this good

4 – Your dance partner broke her leg

5 – You could use a lifeguard and Hasselhoff and Anderson are busy.

6 – Playing cops and robbers with a pug can’t be bettered

7 – You need consoling after a hard day’s work.

Humans can be so clingy
8 – Who else is going to take part in a canine conga?

9 – You’ve been waiting so long to be a golf caddy

10 – They confirm everything you’ve ever thought about Julia Roberts

11 – Not having a dog would be like choosing the blue pill

12 – Your kitten’s chin isn’t going to lick itself

13 – They understand that ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ isn’t just a saying.

14 – Somebody needs to be designated driver.

15) You’re old babysitter refuses to watch the kids anymore.

16) Nobody else is getting laughs for peeing on your kid

At least you don’t have to worry about getting stung by a jellyfish anymore.
17) Someone has to break up the fights.

18) Who else can pass for an AT-AT Walker?

19 – You want to reform your old college band.

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