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Ideas for home designs inspired from Japanese minimalism

Japanese are renowned the world over for their amazing architecture and clever designs. Let us find out some home designs we can adapt that are inspired by the Japanese.

Ideas for home designs inspired from Japanese minimalism

The minimalism used by the Japanese in creating designs for their homes is simplicity personified. It amazes us how simplicity can have such a calming effect on the body and offer comfort as well.

  • Home amidst mountains – A home which seems almost futuristic, designed by yuusuke karasawa architects, situated in the mountains is the perfect example of the Japanese minimalistic designs. It is a far call away from typical mountain homes, for example, it does not have a fireplace. It is almost like it has been taken from somewhere else and placed on the mountains. The house is designed in the form of a cube with single windows on each wall in the form of a square and has bathroom which is entirely encase in glass and transparent. A spiral staircase connects the floors, the stairs being done tastefully in white to match the rest of the house.
  • The house of light in Muji – This house is another example of the Japanese finesse when it comes to minimalism. The design of the house is to have more and more space while keeping it as simple as possible. The walls of the wall have been done in white to add more space since the color enables us to do just that. Splashes of brown in different hues has been added to accentuate the furniture and the wood used in the rest of the house to add that cabin-like feeling. Dual aspect windows in the dining area makes way for natural light and a minimalist open kitchen adds to the space being utilized.
  • The Ant House – This house has been conceptualized by the mA-style Architects and is located in Shizuoka, Japan. The design has been made in such a way that there are no partitions so that the space can be utilised for other purposes . This modern house which was completed in 2012 is now inhabited by a married couple with three children. The house on the exterior betrays the interior by appearing as only a black cube outside. As you walk in , you can see warm wooden tones in brown and yellow, thereby giving the building its name as the Ant House.

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