Ideas to design your bachelor’s pad

Designing your apartment doesn’t have to be a ladies’ thing. Here are some cool ideas for all the single men out there to jazz up their bachelor pads.


Ideas to design your bachelor’s pad
Bachelor pads are more than just messy dirty apartments for the guys to sleep and eat in. Lifestyles have changed, and so have men. As they start paying more and more attention to how their apartments should look and as they prepare to invest more time in doing up the revamping work, we give you some ideas how to decorate your apartment with ease.

  • Colors – Colors are the most important thing while designing your apartment. While men typically go for blue, doing up your entire room in blue is a bad idea. Use different shades of blue to accentuate your walls. The safest choice of men on their walls is however brown and grey. Nothing screams ‘single man living alone’ like your room done in these two shades. The upside to these colors is that they go with everything. You are free to do your furniture and décor anyway you prefer after you are done with those walls in these shades. Go for contrasts with red on your furniture. Avoid choosing just any red, especially one with a hint of pink in it. Instead go for a saturated red, which is more masculine.
  • Fabrics – It is a common cliché that bachelor pads should have no curtains and drapes. Drapes on your windows keep out the extra light as well as the dust. There is no reason you cannot have them in your pad. Go for curtains with graphic or geometric designs in them. Make sure they match the color scheme you have in mind.
  • Furniture – While leather is considered the most cliché material you’d expect in a man’s apartment, you can add a twist by going for boucle or linen on your upholstery instead of plain old leather. It is a cheaper choice and by no means a bad one since these materials are equally good as leather in terms of durability and would save you costs of upholstering again and again, in case you use other cheap materials.
  • Fixtures – With online shopping, you can buy almost everything online without any haste and browse through items you need at leisure. Invest in some stylish affordable light fixtures. Go for minimalist designs and pendant lights in crystal or chrome.

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