Simple, space efficient ideas to arrange your laundry room


Laundry rooms can get messy with unwashed clothes piling up until you finally wash them. There are various paraphernalia required, including the washing machine, ironing boards, laundry baskets, detergents, etc., for doing the laundry that also occupy a lot of space in the laundry room. We bring you five ideas for arranging a well-equipped laundry room space-efficiently –

DIY Basket Shelves

The laundry basket has to be placed strategically in the laundry room, so that all the clothes go right into it and not onto the ironing board, washing machine or around the basket. So, assigning them some space within the room, like some visible nook which can be made into shelves is a great idea. One good option would be to ditch the pedestal that is sold as an add-on with the washing machine. You can also add a DIY shelf with enough space to shove in the laundry basket underneath.

Laundry Closet

If you do not have the luxury of a separate laundry room, you can use any spacious closet within the house for laundry. Arrange the closet neatly to accommodate the washer and dryer, while the cleaning paraphernalia can be stacked on shelves added to the inner sides of the doors. You can also create open cabinet on the top. If you add some pegs, the laundry closet can also hold the brooms and dusters.

Wall Hanging Iron Board

Ironing board in the closet is a conventional idea but the right place for the closet should be within the laundry room, which is not often the case. Therefore, a better option is to do it the way hotels do – fix it to the wall within the laundry room. This way you not only save space within the laundry room, but also finish your ironing before leaving the room.

Laundry Room Cabinet

Laundry room cabinets can be arranged to take up very little space while offering maximum utility and being within reach. You can place them right atop the washer and drier to access cleaning agents with ease. If you have a closed cabinet, then you can add a pegboard with list of contents and reminders for replenishments. Adding enough pegs could also help you hang things like dusters, brooms, dusting cloth etc. You can get creative with the cabinet by painting the doors or adding other personal touches that will even add some convenience.

DIY Drying Rack

You can create a drying rack at home by hanging a ladder from the ceiling or attaching a foldable rack to the wall to enjoy the luxury of air drying clothes and saving energy bills. If you paint them in nice color, then they will look unobtrusive and may even lend to the décor of the house.


If you do not arrange you laundry room properly, it can get cluttered and turn your home into a mess. This article contains some useful tips to maintain your laundry room.

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