Is it worth splurging on convertible cribs?

Why are we asking this now?

Whenever the stork brings in a new arrival at home, it is a period of many changes and transitions. The baby becomes the center of all attention and the focus of almost all the decisions taken. As you plan for the different needs of the baby, a crib is sure to figure somewhere at the top of the list. A convertible crib is like any other baby crib in its basic utility. But it can be converted and reassembled into either a bed for a toddler, a day crib, a bench or a twin-sized bed too. The convertible crib can be bought all at once or you could choose to buy the additional pieces with the passage of time. Needless to say, the convertible crib costs a lot more than the traditional cribs. But, in the long run, it proves to be economical. That brings us to the question whether the convertible crib is a worthwhile investment or not.

The short answer

Yes! Buy one! When it comes to making investments for your baby which is at the beginning of its long life, it would always make sense to invest in long term benefits. The convertible crib is definitely a worthwhile investment and once you see its many benefits, you will realize that what has been termed as ‘splurging’ in the question is actually a wise decision! You will just have to ensure that the convertible you are purchasing is made of good quality wood and finish, has good mechanical locks and latches, has adjustable mattress support and has rails and slats which are properly placed.

The long answer

In case you are still in doubt as to whether the convertible crib is the best option for your baby, here are some solid reasons to support the case.

1. Convertible cribs are safer

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has banned cribs with drop-down sides due to a large number of infant deaths that were reported in accidents at home. The convertible crib does not have any drop-down sides by virtue of its design itself. This in itself makes it a very safe option for your to consider. And ever since the Consumer Product Safety Commission set its strict standards in the late 1990s, all the convertible cribs adhere to them. While the removal of drop-down sides affects the other cribs in terms of accessibility and approach to the baby, the convertible crib scores because of its options to adjust the mattress height. Thus, the parent can easily tend to the child when necessary and keep it safe from falls always.

2. Convertible cribs have a longer life

These cribs have a very long life because they grow alongside your baby! You will observe that as the baby grows, you will have to keep buying new clothes and accessories at an increasingly growing rate. It would be expensive to keep changing cribs and furniture. A few steps are all it takes to change the crib into a toddler bed. Since the baby is familiar with the crib, it makes the transition from the crib into a bed easy for it. Many convertible cribs also transform into adult-sized beds. Thus, once you buy this crib, you need not think about a bed for at least a decade! There is also the advantage of decor maintenance. Once you buy this crib which matches the ambiance and decor of the baby’s room, you need not worry about the change in decor that is brought about by the new furniture.

3. Convertible cribs score high on versatility

The ways in which the convertible crib can be used are numerous. It becomes easy to fit it into any room and decor as per your needs. While it can be used as a nursery furniture for your baby, it could also change into a bed for your pre-school child. This is a wonderful advantage when you are having more than one child. During times of guest visits, the convertible crib could also serve as a bed for an adult. You could simply use it in the guest room on a temporary basis and then return it to the nursery. Once you decide to get something new for the child, the convertible crib could permanently move into some other room and serve as a new piece of furniture. This versatility and flexibility will prove advantageous for you.

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