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5 Best organic baby soaps across the market

There is a little baby in your world, which needs extra nourishment and extra gentle products to keep him clean and soft. Looking for the right baby products that is good for your baby and doesn’t have any harmful chemicals is something that can cause anxiety to any mom. One of the safest and best ways to clean your baby is by using organic baby soaps. The soaps are safe and also environment friendly. Hence, you can be rest assured that you will have clean and great smelling baby without the soap irritating or robbing the baby’s skin of its natural components. By selecting organic products you don’t have to deal with any unfriendly skin problems for your kid.

Here are top 5 organic baby soaps that you opt for your baby. You can even gift these organic baby soaps in the form of a gift basket with a combination of different cleansing range.

1. Aubrey Organics: Natural Baby & Kids Bath Soap

Aubrey Organics has a complete range of natural skin care products for your baby and for you as well. The company has a Natural Baby & Kids Bath Soap along with a number of baby products like the Baby and Kids Bath Soap, shampoo, body lotion, and more. The Natural Baby and Kids Bath Soap are made from coconut and is gentle on the baby’s skin. This baby soap helps in restoring the moisture balance and soothes the skin. Hence, Aubrey Organics Natural Baby & Kids Bath Soap is one of the best organic soaps to go for when selecting cleansing products for your baby.

2. Earth Mama and Angel Baby

Earth Mama and Angel Baby have three organic soaps for babies, Natural Non-Scents Hand to Toe Wash, Calm & Clean Hand to Toe Wash and Happy Mama Hand to Toe Wash! All their baby soaps promise to be free from any kind of artificial preservatives, dyes, fragrances or toxins. The soaps are designed especially for the needs of the sensitive baby skin. Other than this The Angel baby skin care will include products like baby oil, diaper rash soap, lotions, bath blossoms, lotions, shampoo and body wash and bottom balm. So, you have a baby who smells good and is also free from any harmful chemicals.

3. Erbaviva

Erbaviva baby soap is one the mildest and the most gentle soap that you can find for your baby. Erbaviva’s Baby Soap contains natural ingredients like pure milk, honey, lavender oil, together forming a creamy rich soap. The baby soap is perfect for keeping the baby’s skin non-drying and soft and supples every day. Other than this Erbaviva also have baby cream, baby lotion, baby soaps, shampoo for baby and kids, sunscreen for children, diaper cream, organic baby wash bag and more.

4. Gaia Natural Baby

Gaia Natural baby bath and body wash is the best soap alternative for your baby. This one baby product is a complete range of cleansing and skin care for your baby. Gaia Natural baby body wash is manufactured with certified organic ingredients that include oils, extracts and different botanicals. The Gaia range doesn’t include any animal ingredients and none of their products are tested on animals. The product doesn’t contain any artificial fragrances or petrochemicals or any other substances that can cause skin dryness or irritation. Other than this Gaia Natural baby products also have baby shampoo, baby moisturizer, skin soothing lotion, baby massage oil, natural baby powder and more. The Gaia Natural baby products are also available as gift sets. If you want to present a baby gift set to someone then the range will include Bath Time Fun Pack, The Skin Care Collection, and custom gift hampers.

5. Woodsprite Organic Creamy Castile Organic Baby Soap

If you are looking for oil based baby soaps then Wood Sprite Organic Body is the brand you should go for. The Wood Sprite baby soaps are made especially for the delicate baby skin. All the soap bars contain avocado oil and aloe vera that makes the skin smooth and does wonders even for the smoothest skin. The soap comes in pastel yellow color from the organic calendula blossoms having the soft smell of flower essences. Their range includes Botanical baby bottom balm, Botanical baby massage oil, baby powder, soy candles, and baby nappy spray.

So, no matter what’s your baby’s skin type, the cleansing requirements have definitely been taken care of. Each mom and dad can be rest assured that they are not putting any artificial products or components on their baby’s skin. Organic baby products are safe and good for the baby, leaving the baby soft and taken care of completely. By opting for a skin care range for baby that is made from natural and certified organic ingredients, you are on the right path of herbal and natural product usage.

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