7 Hassle-free ways you can get hold of a green wardrobe

get hold of a green wardrobe

Many tend to believe that going green is necessarily not an option when it comes to choosing clothes for your wardrobe. Many are not even aware of where they need to go or what they need to do when it comes to making their clothes more eco-friendly and sustainable. If you are on the same boat and are on the lookout for ways to enjoy a greener wardrobe, take a look at the pointers provided here.

  1. Repurpose Old Clothes

There are innumerable ways in which you can repurpose used clothing to create new outfits. For example, you can cut off the sleeves of that long sleeved maxi gown and reduce its height to create a simple, pretty summer frock. Those worn out jeans can be cut off at knee length to create a cool pair of shorts or capris. Or that old rugged T. shirt can be kept aside for those home spring cleaning activities.

  1. Reuse Old Clothes Around the House

There is no need to throw out an outfit just because it has become too worn out. There are innumerable ways you can use it (at least most it) around the house. Big clothes can be cut and stitched down to fit children. Old clothes can be repurposed to create shopping bags that allow you to discard those treacherous plastic bags. Old jeans and sweaters can be cut into thin strips and then sewn together to create rugs or mats. And small fabrics can be used as rags for cleaning purposes.

  1. Buy Used Clothing

If you are out shopping for a new wardrobe, consider hitting a few thrift stores first. Many of these stores contain clothes that are still in good condition but are available for just a fraction of what you will pay for them in a high end clothing store. Chances are you may also come across a few clothing items donated by celebrities.

  1. Donate Old Clothing

If your wardrobe is already brimming with clothes and you need to make space for the new additions, consider donating the old clothes to an organization or thrift store. There are many needy people who will be thrilled to get your clothes while you ensure that they don’t end up in the landfill and rot for years.

  1. Try a Clothes Swap Party

This is a really swell way to ensure that you get rid of your old clothes and end up getting new ones for literally no cost at all. Call your friends and arrange a clothes swap party. Each friend gets to bring along some clothes he/she doesn’t wear anymore. At the party, you can choose to swap your clothes with your friend’s clothes, thus ensuring that you end up with a greener wardrobe at the end of the day.

  1. Buy Organic

The best way to start going green is to buy clothes made of organic materials. Organic materials do not contain the chemicals that are required for the growth of natural fibers. This way, you can ensure the reduced use of fertilizers and pesticides by showing your support for clothes that do not use them. Some of the materials you can opt for in this case include organic cotton, hemp, wool and bamboo, etc.

  1. Learn More About the Brands you Buy From

A lot of clothing brands that claim to be eco-friendly are in fact not what sustainable at all. Hence, whenever buying clothes from a particular brand, make it a point to inquire about the environmental impact caused by the brand’s labor, production and transport activities.

Choose brands which deliver what they promise on eco-friendliness. For at the end of the day, it is your approval among millions of others that will help these brands shine while forcing other non-ecofriendly brands to mend their ways.

Planning to revamp your wardrobe? Consider going green by choosing clothes as well as practices that are sustainable and can reduce your carbon footprint on the earth to a great extent.

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