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Here’s how you can add the touch of green to your wardrobe

Do you wish to save money from renewing your wardrobe entirely? There is one simple way to do this and that is by going green. Making your wardrobe eco-friendly will not only save your money, but will also save the environment you live in. However, do not assume that you will have to work hugely to make your clothing greener. It can simply be done by adopting a few small changes. Check out here some helpful tips to green your wardrobe and save some bucks.

Make your clothing last longer

The creation of fabric and your clothes takes a lot out of the environment, as it leaves behind a solid carbon footprint during the manufacturing and transportation processes. Thus, the best way to add a green hue to your wardrobe is by making your clothing last longer than usual. Simply take care of a few things like washing clothes using cold water and drying them naturally. If you find minor wear and tear, then you can try stitching or altering your clothing. These little acts can be contributory.

Swap your clothing

Many stores and manufacturing firms keep organizing clothing swap events. This is a wonderful opportunity to refresh your wardrobe and give it a new feel without spending a penny. You can simply give your fashion a swap by taking part in such events and exchanging your stuff with those of others. Apart from high-end green stuff, you can also get sustainable accessories at such places. Thus, keep a watch.

Go for eco-friendly fibers

When you buy a new dress, always ensure to check that fibers used to make it. There are several eco-friendly fibers to choose from; these include hemp, recycled polyester, wool, organic cotton, and soy silk. Look at the labels of your dresses that may give you this information or check with the shopkeepers. Be conscious of greener clothing.

Recycle or repurpose your used dresses

If there are clothes that you no longer use or dislike wearing, then find out ways to recycled or reuse them. Do not dump or throw it to overload the landfills. Even if you cannot find a way to reuse your clothes, it is always better to donate these to needy individuals who are seeking new clothes. If you are interested in recycling your old clothing, then you can also visit some eco-friendly designers who can recycle or repurpose these dresses for you.

For instance, a designer can recycle your short jeans into a stylish summer shorts. They can also reconstruct something fresh and amazing from your worn out clothes. This can be done by sewing and patching. You can also do this task if sewing is your hobby. If you are doing none of the above with your used stuff, then think of selling your dresses that are in good shape. This can earn you some extra bucks too.

Go for wet cleaning

Some of your clothes might be going to a local cleaner. Check whether your cleaner uses perc or tetrachloroethylene, as it is a toxic compound or carcinogen. Instead, go to a cleaner who adopts wet cleaning technique using liquid carbon dioxide. This method is greener for cleaning your clothes.

Buy second-hand stuff

If you want some latest styles in your clothing along with good bargains, then you can also buy second-hand clothing from flea markets or online stores.

Shop organic

Many manufacturers have come up with their eco-friendly clothing lines. Be smart to look for such brands that are committed toward the environment.

With some simple tips like recycling your cold clothing and going for wet cleaning, you can actually save good amount of money on making your wardrobe greener and eco-friendly.

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