7 Eco-friendly trends that are running the market

Eco-friendly trends

A lot of health conscious individuals are opting for eco-friendly beauty products in lieu of the health benefits offered by the same. The past few years have seen quite a lot of eco-friendly beauty trends being introduced to help promote environmental responsibility among individuals while taking care of their health. Here are 7 such green beauty trends that are currently creating ripples in the market.

Rise of DIY Recipes using Kitchen Foods


Instead of opting for over the counter beauty creams and lotions, a lot of individuals are now opting to make their own beauty products at home with the help of simple kitchen ingredients. Fruit based skin care is also on the rise today as more fruits like blueberry, acai and goji are being tested in several combinations with mineral rich waters to create beauty extracts that can reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Rise of Chemical Free Scent

A lot of perfumes that claim to be eco-friendly are in fact, not as they contain chemicals like phthalates that can harm the body. A new line of green scents featuring more natural alternatives like essential oil extracts has started attracting consumers. Natural scents like jasmine, tuberose, lavender, neroli and bergamot are becoming more popular among individuals who are ditching the chemical laden synthetic scents in favor of the former.

Rise of Eco-Friendly Nail Polish

It is a known fact that the majority of nail polishes out there contain toxic ingredients and harmful chemicals that can be degrading for the health as well as for the environment. Hence, companies like butter LONDON are creating more eco-friendly manicure/pedicure options featuring striking polish shades. These shades are made of ingredients that are free of harmful substances like toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates, parabens and DPB.

Rise of Natural Face Oils

Gone are the days when women used to despise oil based face products. The more recent developments in the field has given rise to plant, nut, seeds and fruit oil derived from sustainable sources. Instead of causing breakouts, these oils will help cure them, by acting as powerful antioxidant and nourishing agents. These face oils would multitask as serums, moisturizers and even makeup primers effectively, thereby helping your skin glow naturally.

Growing Demand for Eco-Friendly Packaging

In addition to checking whether the products themselves are eco-friendly, a number of individuals are turning towards beauty products that follow sustainable practices outside the packaging as well. This trend has seen an increase in the demand of products that make use of sustainably resourced ingredients, fair trade production practices and minimal packaging with post- consumer materials.

Rise of Natural Hair Care ingredients

A lot of hair care products contain harmful chemicals that would harm the environment in more ways than one. This concern has led rise to more natural hair care alternatives that are healthy, safe and eco-friendly. One can choose these products based on their hair type, and look for ingredients like lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and honey for straighter, shinier hair. A lot of natural hair care products also feature botanical oils to offer extra bounce to hair. Choosing these options instead of synthetic hair care products would thus, help protect the hair and the environment from harmful chemicals.

More Attention to Multitasking Products

Over the past few years, more focus is being placed on beauty products that multitask to perform several functions rather than stick to one purpose alone. In addition to being easier on the wallet, this trend also focuses on fewer products to carry around while traveling and minimizing waste in the process. Many products like Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream – Natural Glow offer multiple purposes like SPF protection, anti-aging, nourishing hydration and radiant coverage, all while not containing any harmful substances like pesticides, petroleum and parabens.

The growing consciousness for eco-friendly products has led to the rise of several beauty trends that help protect the body while protecting the environment in the process. From containing nil harmful substances to multi-tasking in order to reduce wastage, these are some of the top eco-friendly beauty trends one would need to look out for in the coming years.

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