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Making your way around curtains for the best results

Curtains contribute a lot to the look of a house, so much that the entire room starts to look new and fresh only by a change in curtains of that room. They certainly amp up the look of a room but curtains have ample of other purposes also to serve, and while purchasing curtains for home, one should always take all those factors into consideration.

Consider the room


The choice of curtains first depends upon the room you want to hang them in. You cannot hang same type of curtains in every room because every room has its own specifications in regards to the choice of curtains. For instance, a living room demands curtains that are more welcoming and cheerful altogether.

Curtains in bedrooms can be the ones that give a comfortable and a relaxing feel that is conducive for sleeping. Brightly colored curtains and the ones with some cartoon figures on them are ideal for kid’s room, and the blinds are suitable for the kitchens. You can exercise your own will though but the above-mentioned matches look perfect.

Purpose you want the curtain to serve

kitchen curtains

Another extremely important factor you must consider while purchasing curtains for homes is the purpose you want the curtains to serve. For example, some people but curtains to have secrecy in their home, some buy them to work as a shade from the sunrays coming from outside, while for other they are just a style statement, and some people purchase curtains in order to solve all these purposes.

You have to decide what purpose you want the curtains for, and accordingly decide the color and pattern of curtains. For instance, you want curtains to block the light coming from outside and to have some privacy in your room, so the thick heavy velvet curtains are ideal for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for curtains that can add some beauty and style to your room then thin sheer curtains can do the needful.

The color selection

Curtain dividers 2

The color selection of curtains has to be one thoughtful procedure. They must gel well with the colors of the walls, with the furniture, carpets, lamps, and just about everything. They should not feel out of place, in fact, they should be something that enhances the whole ambience.

The color of curtains should be such that does not interfere with the presence of other items of interior decoration. If there are accent walls in the room, or other furnishings have strong colors then you must go in for curtains that have neutral tones. On the other hand, if the color on the walls is white or cream, and there are no other focal points then going for curtains with vibrant colors is the best.

Consider the style

modern kitchen curtains, kitchen, curtain

The style of curtains has to be in strict accordance with the style of your room. If you want drapes for your drawing room then silk and taffeta drapes would look awesome, as they look formal with that gorgeous sheen. For your bedroom, the style of curtains should be informal and kind of laidback, so linen or cotton curtain can solve your purpose well. Other things that you should consider regarding a curtain’s style is its length and width, the pattern they are tied in, how they hang and all.

Curtains play an integral part in the interior decoration of a home, provide secrecy, and help regulate the temperature in a room. Therefore, one should not only take into consideration the appearance of curtains but also the other purposes a curtain serves.


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