7 Renowned Fashion Brands that have stunning green products in their offering

Vegan Leather Espadrilles by PETA and M4D3

Fashion brands are coming forward to introduce eco-friendly products in the market that would help individuals choose their favorite styles without compromising on comfort or sustainability. Here are 8 such fashion brands that have taken the industry by storm with their eco-friendly products, and are striving to inspire other brands to follow suit for the betterment of the earth in the long run.

Sculpture like 3D Printed Footwear by United Nude

United Nude partnered with 3D systems to create unique footwear using 3D printing technology. Designed for the Milan Design Week, the shoes will feature an eco-friendly design worked on by world renowned designers and architects, including Ross Lovegrove, Michael Young, ZahaHadid, Ben van Berkel and Fernando Romero, etc. These shoes will definitely push the limit when it comes to eco-friendly fashion.

Vegan Leather Espadrilles by PETA and M4D3

Animal rights group PETA has partnered with a social enterprise called M4D3 (Make a Difference Everyday) to create a one-of-a-kind vegan leather espadrille. This limited edition footwear features a Mediterranean style flat design, and is built with the sole purpose of sparing the man cows that get mutilated in the leather industry. The slip on type footwear is made of 100% cruelty free animal materials and comes with a jute rope sole as well as the tags of both companies on its back and inner sole.

Plastic Bottle Shoes by Mamut

Uruguay based shoemaker Mamut has launched a new line of footwear that has been made from reused plastic bottles. Titled ‘Native’, the summer collection outsources its plastic bottles from the beaches and oceans in the country. Individuals can also donate their empty plastic bottles to the company which would recycle them into shoes, thus preventing the bottles from landing up in oceans and landfills otherwise.

Vovoril Smart Shoes by iShuuTechologies

If iShuu Technologies had its way, then every closet in the world would only feature a single pair of shoes that change colors and patterns to suit the different clothes the wearer dons. This is made feasible with new e-ink technology that is embedded with the company’s Volvorri smart shoes. The shoes will change color and pattern depending on the user’s preferences which can be controlled via a mobile app.

Vapor Untouchable Football Cleat by Nike

Nike has come up with a rather innovative football cleat made entirely of recycled water bottles as well as recycled polyester. The company has infused each pair of shoes with supportive Carbon V-Plate and second skin mobility for extended durability and strength. Each of these shoes is also made off 5 recycled bottles that are stitched together via Nike’s trademark waste-reducing Flykit technology.

Just Grow It Nike Collection by Christophe Guinet

Aptly called ‘Monsieur Plant’, French based artist Christophe Guinet has launched a ‘Just Grow It’ collection that features footwear made of nothing more than flowers, bark, dirt and moss. The hyper realistic shoes contain all natural materials, with the designer also adding in the emblems of famous shoes like Nike’s in a vegetal manner.

3D Printed Ready to Wear Collection by Myth

Myth has come up with an eco-friendly, ready to wear shoe collection via 3D printing technology. The collection features an exquisite range of boots, flats, wedges and sandals. The company has already launched its first product in the collection, a wedge like sandal called the Laurel Treethat comes with a ballerina like ribbon the wearer can tie around her ankle.

BoBo Vegan Footwear by Bourgeois Boheme

Footwear brand Bourgeois Boheme has come up with a vegan based footwear collection alledBoBo. Encompassing an eco-friendly design, the shoes are animal friendly and are made of cruelty free processes.

The quest to support the environment has rubbed off on several renowned fashion brands around the world. Many of these brands have taken the initiative to launch products that are stylish, sophisticated and eco-friendly, thus helping the common man enjoy wearing their products while not impacting the environment much in the process.

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