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Platinum hair may look cool, but here’s why you should steer clear

A lot of us think that we would be able to pull off almost any look worn by a celebrity. We feel that if it looks good on them, it would good on us too. However, that is not the case, especially with a style as extreme as platinum colored hair. We say extreme because this is one of those styles that will try your patience (and your bank balance) to the maximum. So if you are thinking of going for a platinum hair style, here are some pointers you need to consider beforehand.

It doesn’t suit all skin tones

Platinum hair definitely does not go well with all skin tones. If you have a cool skin tone which includes a peachy or pinkish complexion, consider yourself lucky. If you have warm yellow or golden skin tones, stay away. The best option: choose to wear a platinum colored wig to see how you look in the color before actually opting to go for the look.

Doesn’t suit fragile hair

Platinum hair styles require a lot of processes that goes into getting that perfect color and shade. Fragile hair will never be able to handle the harsh chemicals needed for these processes. It is best advised that you stay away from this hair style if you have undergone chemical treatment for your hair beforehand as well.

Damages your Hair Irreversibly

A platinum hair style involves bleaching your hair with harsh chemicals from root to tip. With time and repeated bleaching, your hair can suffer significant damage that may be irreversible. And if you have long hair, consider kissing your tresses goodbye after a period of time.

Damages your Scalp Too

The rigorous bleaching done to achieve that perfect platinum look will not leave your scalp alone as well. There have been cases where the chemicals used for the bleaching process have caused serious irritation and burns on the scalp. If you have sensitive skin, then the trouble increases manifold. In addition to this, regular touchups can cause your hair as well as your scalp to dry up fast, thus leading to flakiness.

Fading Color can look Tacky

The sad thing about platinum hair color that it requires a very skilled stylist to get that perfect tone. Even with that, the fading hair color can turn out to be quite tacky. In certain cases, your hair color may turn brassy or yellow with time.

The issue with growing hair is also there. In you have dark hair color and choose a platinum hair style, you would need regular touch ups to cover the growing hair whose roots will grow in dark, thus making your hair look tacky instead of classy.

Requires very high maintenance

By now you would have got a pretty fair idea of what you need to go through in order to get a platinum hair style. Let’s emphasize a bit more. Platinum hair style requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance. This means regular visits to the salon which, in turn, would cost you loads of money. You would also need to invest quite some amount in getting a quality hairstylist for the same purpose. And hairstylists don’t come cheap these days.

More Money Spent on Beauty Products

Did we forget to say how much money you need to spend on hair products to keep your platinum hair color intact? Don’t think that the shampoo or conditioner you use every day would be more than enough to take care of the color. Platinum hair color requires its own set for shampoos, conditioners, hair creams and serums, and hot tools for upkeep. You will no doubt send a bomb on these products even after spending loads on the hair treatment and stylist alone.

Although you think you will look good in platinum hair, chances are you will regret your decision to go platinum pretty soon.

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