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Know about different cooling systems before you get one for your house

<![CDATA[Your homes and offices can be equipped with several types of cooling systems, ranging from the units which are installed in the windows, to the units rolling onto the floor, to the units secured at the walls, to the centrally air conditioning units. All the cooling systems consist of five main elements viz. condenser, compressor, refrigerant, expansion valve, and evaporator coil. Each system has its own pros and cons, so let us discuss them in detail to help you choose a suitable system for your house.


Window Air Conditioners

This is most common type of air conditioner and it’s also called “unitary” air conditioning system. It has a self-contained air conditioning unit that is placed in the windows. All the refrigerator components of this system are placed compactly in one box that ejects out the hot air from one end and blows cool air inside from other end. These are the most common and cheapest air conditioners used in homes.

Portable Air Conditioner

These freestanding mobile air conditioning systems can be moved from room to room. It does need a window to be installed, and is an easy solution for places like kitchen that are not easily cooled. It cools the area and dehumidifies a small area. It does not require any professional installation and is less expensive than the window units are. Its refrigerator components are placed in a compact box same as in window system but the former ones are noisier than the latter.

Split or Ductless Air Conditioner

These are also known as “Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners” and are most commonly used in hotels, motels and at commercial spaces. This unit has two terminal parts, a condenser unit, a compressor, a compressor fan, and an evaporative unit consisting of a fan, evaporator coil, and an expansion valve.

It makes less noise than other type of ACs. These are easy to install and do not require any window slot on the wall.

Central Air Conditioner

These types of air conditioners are the quietest and most comfortable of the cooling units. They can be installed to cool any size of houses, only concern is that the size of the unit should be appropriate with the house. This is ideal for big shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, auditoriums etc. They do not need any window and lasts much longer.


Wall Air Conditioners

They are similar to window air conditioners, only difference lies in that they are installed in a wall unlike the window systems. They are best suited for small spaces.

Some air conditioners are better suited for smaller rooms and some are for larger rooms. Not choosing an appropriate cooling unit may lead to extra work from the system, and leading to its breakage.

Summary: Air conditioners are equipped in all houses and offices to provide cooling during hot summer days. There are many types of air conditioning systems that people should be aware of before buying an AC.]]>

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