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Voice controlled gadgets for modern smart home

When you reach your home with filled hands, it’s a pain to take out the smartphone and operate an app for getting a thing done in your home. Here are a few voice-controlled gadgets to make your smart home smarter.


This small Robot is quite smart for its size. The gadget will listen to you and facilitate action from your smart home appliances. The little gadget is bundled with infrared capabilities, microphone, a motherboard and a speaker.

The gadget also syncs with your Android and iOS compatible devices, giving you the power to control it from your smart devices. From making changes in your room temperature to switching on and off your smart home devices and a lot more, the LoveLinkU will make your smart home smarter.


Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation (UCIC) has created a smart voice-recognizing speaker that will make it more convenient for you to control the various smart devices in your smart home.

The various activities in a smart home are controlled over the internet from your smartphone, the issue is that you several apps to control various devices. With the Ubi you will have to give it voice commands to get things done. This smart gadget uses a speech to text recognition software from Google to comprehend the orders.

Hive Trio

As the name suggests the gadget consists of three partners in crime, one is the smart app, others are the Hive hub and the Hive Sound speakers. The hub is rich in specifications, powered by a dual-core 1GHz processor, 4 GB of storage, 1GB Ram and a host of other features including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The Hive Sound will sound you the notifications of the various synced devices in your smart home. You can listen to music through them, they can get you favorite track from the internet as well.

Athom’s Homey

Athom's Homey

Homey is not just another addition to the gadgets that are voice controlled. It is a multi-lingual smart hub for you smart home. At present, the languages that the hub can understand are French, Spanish, Dutch and of course English.

The gadget apart from interacting with the user has an app for iOS and Android. Connecting with the smart gadgets in your house will never be an issue with the Homey. This gadget can get connected through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-wave, 433.92MHz and even infrared for that matter.

Vocca Light

Tell us which one is easier controlling the light bulb from your Smartphone app or from the wall switch? For those who think that there is hardly any difference, we have a gadget that would interest you. The Vocca light is a voice recognizing, bulb adaptor, which can hold all sorts of E27 bulbs.

Say the magic word to turn the bulb off or on, as simple as that. The manufacturer plans to roll out the Pro version of the adapter which will also be connected to your iOS and Android based smartphone and tablets.

Cubic Robotics

They say using the Cubic, you can control everything, we are pretty sure, your kids will be an exception. This is one of the coolest gadgets in the home automation system. There is the central hub or the cube that will stay at home, the app and a power badge that you can wear, anywhere.

When you are busy driving your car, the Cubic can speak out the contents of your emails and give you traffic updates. You can give commands from the power badge and using the app too. For example, you will be able to control the temperature of your home, the security system, the lights and more from anywhere.

Vice controlled gadgets are more fun and easy to use than the ones where you need to fiddle with your phone every time to do the settings. Add a few voice initiated gadget to your smart home and make your life more relaxed.

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