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Be prepared to be discomforted and awed by the weirdest toilets ever

People hardly pay attention to the design or style of a public toilet and leave the place after responding to the nature’s call. However, some toilets or restrooms present truly unusual, or you may call weird, designs that are sure to occupy your memory for a longer period. I am sure you would definitely not want to visit these restrooms, unless you badly need to ease yourself. Here we have a list of some of the weirdest toilets that will simply astonish the visitor.Aquarium toilet

You might be surprised to look at this amazing toilet tank, for the Aquarium toilet as the name suggests comes with an aquarium. Adding life to your washroom with a unique design, this toilet is sure to amaze your guests. The toilet tank features all the required functions like flushing, shower, and more. The aquatic life is painted with acrylic colors, which generally gives an illusion of real fish and marine life. Aquarium toilet functions like normal flush tanks.

Glass public toilet

Glass public toilet, as the name suggests, is a semi-transparent public toilet made from a single side view glass. Users can see and track the curiosity of people while sitting inside. Located in London’s Tate Britain Gallery, this is an amazing toilet to ease you in a public area.

Portable toilets

If you love camping, Portable toilet can be very useful for you and your team. You can fold this portable toilet and keep in a small bag. Featuring a unique but at the same time advanced design, the portable toilet removes the odor and keeps it clean. You can use it anywhere, as it comes with a balloon like wrap to cover the user.

Invisible toilets

Made of about two-meter high cylindrical stainless steel, this is a weird yet amazing toilet construction to help ease the user. Featuring at least three toilets, the urinal does not have any doors. When not in use, the toilet remains invisible. Users just need to turn the button on to let it pop up and complete the rituals.

Tin toilet in Laos

Do not ever forget to carry your own toilet paper when visiting the tin toilet in Laos. This is an almost open toilet, which only has couple of tin walls and hopefully a toilet seat inside. Make sure to close the door properly, as a strong gush of wind or small storm can destroy this temporary toilet.

You can find different types of toilets, both wonderful and weird, in different parts the world. However, the sole purpose of these toilets is to help users respond to the nature’s call in a public area.


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